Brownsville to have urban air taxis in 2025

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Aug. 28—The City of Brownsville announced Friday that the Paragon VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) Aerospace has committed to 50 VTOLs for urban air taxi movement in Brownsville to begin in 2025.

The press release states that Paragon VTOL Aerospace are lead innovators and continue to make forward strides for intra-city transport.

"This commitment, momentous for the City of Brownsville, would enable the city to continue innovative and forward strides, reaching the next level of transportation, while pioneering breakthrough technologies," it reads.

According to the city, the availability of such a service, from Paragon VTOL Aerospace, would reduce the amount of time needed to move within Brownsville and surrounding areas, with the VTOLs having a total of nine passenger seats, zero carbon and zero emission fuel systems, and maintaining a range that will exceed 550 miles.

Paragon VTOL Aerospace announced building its manufacturing hub in the City of Brownsville's industrial park at the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport back in June 2021. The company also develops flight management software systems to assist air traffic controllers, the release reads.

Paragon's CEO and founder Dwight Thanos Smith said he stands with the City of Brownsville.

"I stand with the City of Brownsville, its people, and our commitment to the technological evolution of transportation and look forward to continuing this incredible partnership," he said.

Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez said this year there has been a continued growth and progress in VTOL developments in Brownsville.

"The promise of this new approach to air mobility is something that our city remains dedicated to with Paragon becoming the epicenter for VTOL manufacturing and distribution," he said.



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