Bruce Willis was asked to leave a Rite Aid for not wearing a mask and the jokes were good

Dan Caffrey
The man didn’t used to have a problem with masks.
The man didn’t used to have a problem with masks.

As much as we love to see a Bruce Willis news story in the winter that doesn’t have to do with whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, this week found the actor dealing with a bit of bad press.

On Monday, Willis was asked to leave a Los Angeles Rite Aid after refusing to put on a mask, despite already having a bandana around his neck. The actor complied, albeit without making his purchase. The next day, he issued a statement to People, calling the incident “an error in judgment” and urging everyone to “be safe out there...and let’s continue to mask up.”

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Perhaps Willis genuinely felt remorse over his blunder. Or maybe he was embarrassed by the inevitable dunking he received on Twitter. Let’s do a little roundup, shall we? Yipee-ki-ya, mother...ah, forget it.

Writer Daniel Kibblesmith parodied Die Hard with a title that’s quite horrific if you think long enough about the imagery:

Twitter user @crookedroads770 kept it simple:

Femi Oluwe refreshingly turned to a non-Die Hard movie for his zinger:

And even CNN’s Jake Tapper—feeling especially salty as of late from, well, everything—got in on the action:

But the crown jewel has to go to Kevin Smith, who slyly referenced his self-described “soul-crushing” experience working with Willis on 2010's Cop Out:

And there’s plenty more where that came from. But let’s also remember, Bruno made a mistake, he likely feels bad about it, and come this time next year, we’ll probably have forgotten about this and be back on that Christmas movie debate.

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