Bruins-Red Wings matchup marks first professional sporting game in MA people can bet on using phones

Saturday’s Bruins game marks the first professional sporting event in Massachusetts that people can place wagers on from their cell phones after mobile sports betting went live in the state Friday.

“I love stakes for a game, so if there’s a bet going on, then I like it,” said Bruins fan Alex Kondratev. “If I can make money on the Bruins winning today then yeah I would definitely do it!” So far, six sports betting cellphone apps are live and active in Massachusetts. “I think it just adds extra dimension of like you’re participating, you’re making predictions, guesses of what’s coming next,” Draft Kings’ North America President and Co-Founder Matt Kalish said. “It just adds a lot more depth to the experience.”

Kalish said mobile sports betting is off to a spectacular start with wagers that range from pennies to millions.

“People make bets as low as $.10 so it’s not like it costs a lot of money to try and it makes the games a lot more interesting,” Kalish said.

The Boston-based company has been in business for a decade, and after launching sportsbooks in 21 other states, they are now operating one in Massachusetts. “I’ve lived here over 40 years now, I was born in Lowell, my dad was born in Lowell too, so all my family’s around here, tons of my friends,” Kalish said. “I think we have a superior understanding of the customer, the American sports better, and especially in Mass. where we are based. I don’t think anybody will understand the Massachusetts consumer better than us.”

At least three other sports betting apps are expected to launch in Massachusetts in the next year, and people are ready to get in on the action.

“I think it brings a little extra to the game even if you’re not like rooting for the guys, you’re kind of rooting for them because they could win you some cash,” Red Wings fan Allen Kondratev said. “It’s more fun when you have something on the line even if it’s friendly.”

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