This brunch spot is the best in Georgia, Yelp says. Why customers can’t get enough

Screengrab from Southern Fusion Dining on Facebook

A Georgia restaurant serves “colossal cinnamon rolls” — and was named the state’s best place to go for brunch.

Southern Fusion Dining in Locust Grove is the Peach State’s No. 1 brunch spot, according to a list published Sept. 19.

The eatery received statewide recognition after the restaurant review website Yelp studied places that offer breakfast and brunch. It “ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews” over time, results show.

Southern Fusion Dining topped the list after Georgia customers raved about the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere, helping it earn five out of five stars on Yelp. Several couldn’t get enough of the “colossal cinnamon rolls,” which they said were topped with nuts and were “big enough to share.”

Yelp users also were fans of the savory dishes, including many that reflect the “Southern” part of the restaurant’s name. Those offerings range from biscuits and gravy to catfish and grits, according to a menu posted online.

Chef Paul Lewis, owner of the restaurant, wrote on Yelp that he drew on his faith and the taste of his food when he named the business, which also has been called Heaven Café.

“His love of food began at a very early age in the kitchen with his mother, yet it was not his original career path,” the restaurant wrote on its Yelp page. “Chef Paul spent twenty years in the United States Army.”

He entered the culinary world before starting the restaurant in Locust Grove, roughly 35 miles southeast of Atlanta. These days, the eatery focuses on breakfast and lunch fare, according to its Facebook page.

Though the restaurant earned statewide recognition from Yelp, it missed out on another recent dining list. In April, five other restaurants in Georgia ranked among OpenTable’s best brunch spots in the nation.

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