Brussels allows Ukraine grain import ban to expire

Harvesting in the Kyiv region, early August 2022

The European Commission has decided against extending the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain to Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia, the commission announced on Sept. 15.

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At the same time, the decision is predicated on Kyiv meeting certain obligations.

“Ukraine has agreed to introduce any legal measures (including, for example, an export licensing system) within 30 days to avoid grain surges,” the message said.

“Until then, Ukraine is to put in place from Sept. 16 effective measures to control the export of four groups of goods in order to prevent any market distortions in the neighboring Member States. Ukraine will submit an Action Plan to the platform no later than close-of-business on Sept. 18.”

The European Commission concluded that "market distortions" in the five neighboring countries of Ukraine disappeared due to the work of the coordination platform and temporary measures in place since May 2.

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Brussels also assured it would not re-impose trade restrictions as long as the "measures taken by Ukraine are fully effective."

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The European Commission and Ukraine will jointly monitor the situation. The European Commission also assured that they would not impose restrictions as long as the "measures taken by Ukraine are fully effective."

Despite these measures, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia announced they will extend their own bans on importing Ukrainian grain, effective from Sept. 16.

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