Brutal back-to-back losses cause major fantasy despair

Andy Behrens takes up the difficult task of comforting a fantasy manager who lost two games two nights in a row on the last play of each game.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, it's that time again. This is when we discuss the most gutting, heartbreaking moments out of your fantasy lives. This right here is "Fantasy Bad Beats."

The worst of our beats comes to us this week from Jonny Dangerously. Jonny writes in, I just lost by 0.1 in the last second of the Monday game on a pass from Cam Newton. OK, so that's bad. That's bad. It's a rough loss.

Last night, the Sunday game, I took the lead on the last pass to Godwin, then Succop kicked the field goal and wiped away my victory. I lost two games two nights in a row on the last play of each game. Yeah, Sunday night, bad enough, right? You lose to Succop. The Bucs kick a field goal just for pride, purely for pride, so they don't actually get shutout in a totally non-competitive game against New Orleans.

So that loss is bad. In and of itself, probably not bad enough to get you featured in this segment. But it's bad, right? It's rough. I don't think I've ever had this happen to me, however, where immediately after suffering a brutal loss on Sunday night, you come right back and suffer a brutal loss on Monday night in what was a fun game between bad teams and you lose very late on a Cam Newton completion.

I'm sorry. I feel like I've experienced almost every way to lose in heartbreaking fashion in my 20-plus years playing fantasy, but I don't think I've ever had a double dip like this, Jonny. This is a bad way to lose both of your matchups.

And our honorable mention this week. Woo. Sent into us from Chris Smith. And he writes in, referencing Baby Got Dak's big win on two Ryan Tannehill kneel-downs at the end of a game.

And I just want to use this as an opportunity to remind NFL head coaches that you don't need to send your starter out there to take knees. That doesn't need to happen. You can send the backup out onto the field for any victory formation situation. It would be greatly appreciated going forward. Please consider it.

Consider also next week, if things take a bad turn in your week 10 matchup, hey, hit up your friends right here at "Fantasy Football Live." Perhaps we'll feature you. Perhaps we'll mock you. Use the hashtag #FFLBadBeats.