Brutal crackdown continues on Myanmar protesters

At least 14 protesters were killed on Sunday by security forces in Yangon, local media's reported.

Video Transcript


JONATHAN HEAD: It's been another weekend of brutal violence by the Myanmar security forces, showing the same complete disregard for human life that we've seen in the past two weeks in particular. We've seen soldiers casually aiming their high-velocity battlefield weapons directly at civilians, at local residents they know are unarmed, and then firing.

You see people scattering, fleeing from the whiplash crack of bullets, seeking shelter wherever they can then looking up to see who's been hit. Invariably, these are grotesque, disfiguring injuries, so often fatal ones in the head and the chest. This is casual butchery by the soldiers and police, who appear to have concluded that crude terror is the only way they can subdue almost an entire population that's rebelling against their coup.

What's so remarkable is that even in the face of this dreadful violence by the soldiers and police, people still come out to confront them. It is remarkable courage and a sign of desperation too, a determination not to be dragged back to the grim years of military misrule in Myanmar's past.