Bryan Edwards deserves all of the OBJ comparisons after this catch

Blake Schuster
Yahoo Sports Contributor
COLUMBIA, SC - SEPTEMBER 28: Bryan Edwards #89 of the South Carolina Gamecocks rushes during a game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Williams-Brice Stadium on September 28, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

At this point in the collective football consciousness, shouts of ‘OBJ’ should automatically make any fan immediately stop what they’re doing and run to the nearest highlight reel as fast as they can.

When an announcer shouts out OBJ — especially in a game OBJ isn’t even playing in — it’s all the more reason to pay attention.

With that, please welcome South Carolina’s Bryan Edwards to the conversation of best Odell Beckham Jr. impersonation and allow Saturday’s unreal reception against Tennessee to be entered into the record.

Let’s get another look.

Yup. That’s an OBJ catch alright. It’s got all the hallmarks: the defender draped all over Edwards, the ball coming into the frame at an awkward angle, the jump with no regard for where the wideout is going to land and, of course, the one-handed grab behind the head.

Sadly, this didn’t count for a touchdown — South Carolina would score on the next play anyways —but that doesn’t take away from it being one of the absolute best catches we’ll see all season.

It’s the type of catch that will be tied to Edwards for the rest of his college career and may help him get a job on Sundays.

At this point we need to pause for a moment and just acknowledge how far human athleticism has taken us in this sport. When Dwight Clark made ‘The Catch’ in the 1981 NFC championship game, it was hard to imagine a reception looking more spectacular. Now we have players who can contort their bodies like gymnasts in the air while wearing full pads and still haul in a catch like it’s nothing.

The game has certainly changed. Nowhere is there a better example than three letters representing a catch that both boggles the mind and seems completely normal.

Bryan Edwards, welcome to the OBJ Hall of Fame.

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