Bryansk governor accuses Ukraine of shelling, says 2 civilians killed

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A local governor said two civilians died as a result of what he called a Ukrainian shelling on a village of Suzemka in Russia's Bryansk Oblast. Suzemka, home to 8,600 people, is located some 21 kilometers east of the border with Ukraine.

"According to preliminary information, one residential building was completely destroyed, two more houses were partially destroyed," Governor Alexander Bogomaz said on the Telegram in the early hours of April 30. First responders continue working at the scene.

Ukraine almost never publicly claims responsibility for attacks inside Russia and on Russian-controlled territory in Ukraine.

Amid reports of shelling and sporadic sabotage, Russia’s border regions have become increasingly volatile since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine a year ago.

Last month, Kraken, a Ukrainian special forces unit, reported that it had destroyed a Russian military watchtower in Bryansk Oblast with a kamikaze drone. The watchtower was used by Russian border guards to monitor part of the Ukrainian border.

A video published by Kraken showed the tower being destroyed on the second attempt.