BSO: Florida Men Posed As US Marshals To Avoid Wearing Face Masks

CBS4's Karli Barnett reports on the arrests of Gary Brummett and Walter Brown. Read more:

Video Transcript

- New at six, two men are in jail for allegedly impersonating US marshals during their stay at a hotel in Deerfield Beach. Investigators say they claim to be officers so they wouldn't have to wear face masks. CBS force Karli Barnett has the details.

KARLI BARNETT: Two men who were guests here at the Wyndham hotel in Deerfield Beach were arrested by the agency they were allegedly pretending to be. It was apparently all part of an elaborate act to avoid wearing face masks.

Gary Brummet-- who is 81-- and Walter Brown-- who was 53-- are both charged with impersonation of a federal law enforcement officer. According to the criminal complaint on February 11th, the Broward Sheriff's Office responded to the Wyndham hotel in Deerfield Beach in reference to the two men who were claiming to be US marshals.

Responding deputies say they were wearing authentic looking badges that said Cherokee Nation Marshal. They were also wearing a laminated cards around their necks saying they were exempt from wearing masks in public citing the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The two had checked in on February 9th. They were confronted about their lack of masks, but they reference their cards. The next day the manager confronted them again, but Brown and Brummet threatened that the hotel would face a $75,000 fine for questioning them. On the 11th, that's when hotel staff got law enforcement involved who determined it was all an elaborate hoax.

The report says neither Brown nor Brummet have ever been law enforcement officers of any kind. The report also says they did check with Cherokee Nation, which is based out in Oklahoma, and confirmed that that was not an authentic Cherokee Nation US Marshals badge. The two were due in court on Friday in Broward County at 11 AM. In Deerfield Beach, Karli Barnett, CBS four news.