BSO Says It Has Put Brakes On Car Burglaries

The Broward Sheriff's Office says they have put the brakes on high-end car burglaries.

Video Transcript

MARYBEL RODRIGUEZ: Now at noon, Broward Sheriff's deputies say they've put the brakes on car burglaries and have made progress in recovering other stolen cars. They just wrapped up. An update on this, and CBS 4's Ted Scouten joins us live from near Fort Lauderdale with the details. Ted?

- Hi, Marybel. Well, we just heard from the B.A.T. unit-- that is the burglary apprehension team. Take a look at some video here. They were telling us inside just a little while ago that there's been a big shift from residential burglaries to high-end auto thefts-- that's stealing either the car or items that are left inside.

In the last year, the team has made 174 arrests, recovered 69 vehicles and 17 guns. Detectives tell us these thieves are looking for easy targets, like unlocked cars. We're about to show you some video that shows how they work in groups and work fast.

- They're all out. Vehicles are together [INAUDIBLE] spot 2, 3, 4. [INAUDIBLE] car door. [INAUDIBLE] car door. [AUDIO OUT]

MATTHEW MARKS: They are simply looking for indicators of a vehicle being unlocked. If it's a high-end automobile the side mirrors are often facing outward. And they will canvas neighborhoods looking for those telltale indicators.

TED SCOUTEN: Detectives tell us to stop this is relatively easy. Remember that they're looking for an easy target. So they say lock your car doors. Don't leave valuables inside, that includes your keys or the key fob for the car because it's very easy just to steal the car if those items are left in there. BSO tells us that they're also working with detectives from both Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Live at BSO headquarters, Ted Scouten CBS 4 News.