BTS’ time capsule on display at National Museum of Korean Contemporary History until 2039

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A time capsule from K-pop supergroup BTS is now on display at a museum dedicated to modern and contemporary history in Seoul.

A piece of modern history: Visitors of the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History can now view the modern “relic” that the seven-member boy band presented to President Moon Jae-in during the first Youth Day event on Sept. 19, reported Korea Herald.

  • The time capsule, which contains “musical achievements and messages from BTS members,” is set to be open on the 20th Youth Day celebration in 2039, reported Korea Joong Ang Daily.

  • The capsule is in the form of a purple box that is about 40 centimeters (15.75 inches) long, 30 cm (11.80 in) wide and 26 cm (10 in) high.

  • The box was placed on display at the museum’s permanent exhibition hall on the fifth floor.

A speech for the ages: At the inaugural Youth Day, the BTS members delivered an impassioned speech about their journey from their humble beginnings to becoming global music icons, while also giving sound advice for younger generations.

  • “We will give you encouragement so that you too can help and lean on each other,” a translated transcript of the boyband’s speech read. “Like the youth of yesterday, like the youth of today, as you’ve always done. I hope you will keep going strong and never stop.”

  • The group also encouraged their fans and followers to “become the beacons to guide the young people in the future.”

  • At the exhibit, a video clip of the BTS members delivering their speech plays just above the time capsule.

Featured Image via BTS Press Data

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