BTS & TOMORROW X TOGETHER to Advise Contestants on ‘&Audition – The Howling’

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Contestants on the HYBE Labels Japan global artist debut program &Audition – The Howling are learning from the best on Saturday (Aug. 13).

BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER will make a special appearance in the show’s sixth episode as advisors to the contestants. In the episode, the debut group and 15 trainees will take on the “BTS mission,” which is their last chance to make it into the final round. The two superstar boy bands will give advice to contestants, as major global artists who have also been trainees themselves in the past.

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&Audition – The Howling is documentary-style reality show where 15 trainees work together to move toward their dreams, complete with performances and stories of growth along the journey toward their debut. The show breaks away from the audition program’s traditional way of announcing individual contestant ranking or intermediate exit. Instead, all of the members of each team will either move on to the final round together or fail to debut based on their team competitions.

The sixth episode of &Audition – The Howling, featuring BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER, airs on HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel at 12:30 a.m. ET on Saturday (Aug. 13). Watch it here, along with previous episodes of the series to catch you up.


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