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The Bubble Over My Head: Dr. Phil And Robin Share Their Thoughts After The Taping

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After taping with a woman who claims she’s being sex trafficked by a man who abused her as a child, Dr. Phil and Robin share their thoughts. And, Dr. Phil shares his number one concern with the audience. Watch The Bubble Over My Head video above. This episode, "'My Wife Claims She is Being Mind Controlled','" airs Tuesday. Check local listings to see where you can tune in. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Hopelessly in need of Dr. Phil's Help? WATCH: Is Woman Who Claims She’s Being Sex Trafficked In Real Danger Or Suffering Mental Trauma?

Video Transcript


- I think everything you said was perfect and very accurate. And thank God she's here and thank God her husband is here, because I think they needed to hear it. I think when they leave here and they settle down, they're going to see everything you said is just what they needed to hear. And--

PHIL MCGRAW: Well, I just hope she'll be open-minded about it.

- I think she will. I think she will. I think when they walk out of here and they're alone together, they're going to hear everything, and they're going to know you're right.

PHIL MCGRAW: Well, I just hope they're not so defensive about it.

- We're set anytime.

- So sad.

- All right, let's it back out.



- Yeah! Woo hoo!

PHIL MCGRAW: Well, hey guys.

- Hello.

PHIL MCGRAW: I wanted to come out and--

- Hi, Dr. Phil

PHIL MCGRAW: --chat with you guys about this a little bit.

- Hi, Dr. Phil.

PHIL MCGRAW: Because know it's a heavy topic. I know it's a hard topic. My number one concern going in is I think it's terrible if you ever don't believe a victim. But there is a point where the story becomes so fantastical and so conspiratorial and many-sided that there are opportunities to confirm. And if nothing comes up to confirm it, that you've got to start saying, what are the alternative explanations?

It's the scientific principle of Occam's razor or the principle of parsimony. The simplest explanation of a phenomenon is more often the best. And I realize that perception is reality.

If people believe something, it's reality to them. Do you think it's on purpose, or do you think it's--

- Sounds kind of--

- No.

- --it's a tortured reality?

- Trauma response.

- Tortured reality.

- Like blacking out.

- Trauma.


PHIL MCGRAW: Yeah, I do think it's trauma-induced. Guys, thank you so much. Gotta run.

- Thank you.

- Thank you, Phil