Budget tops city school board meeting

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Jun. 5—VALDOSTA — The Valdosta Board of Education is expected to review for approval the 2022 Fiscal Year budget during its regular session Tuesday, June 8.

The budget projects the estimated revenue to be $135,608,562; total estimated expenditures $153,295,352, and the estimated funds' balance for July 1, 2021, is $35,392,630; June 30, 2022, is $35,705,840.

In new business, the Department of Human Services annual requests a new fiscal agent contract. There is no financial impact on the district; the board simply processes the Family Connection employee who serves Valdosta City Schools students.

The board will also address the unfinished business of the Valdosta High band trip to Hawaii, according to the meeting agenda. The invitation was extended for the band to participate and perform in the 81st Anniversary Pearl Harbor Commemoration Concert Series Dec. 7, 2022.

The Board of Education reports there have been several resignations and new hires. For resignations, there is one teacher at Valdosta High School, one teacher at Newbern Middle School and one teacher at J.L. Lomax. There is one teacher at Valdosta High School for new hires, one teacher at Maceo Horne Learning Center, one paraprofessional at Maceo Horne Learning Center and two teachers at Valdosta Middle School.

The board will be offering more information on the proposed board policy JC: student rights and responsibilities, which states, "The school district shall treat a student's voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint, if any, on an otherwise permissible subject, in the same manner, the district treats a student's voluntary expression of a secular or other viewpoints on an otherwise permissible subject and may not discriminate against the student based on a religious viewpoint expressed by the student on an otherwise permissible subject."

The policy will allow students to practice their religions or personal beliefs without being punished by the school district.

The facilities committee will report during the session. The teaching and learning committee will report on the professional qualifications waiver, promotion and retention policy; upcoming mathematics initiatives 2021-22; and insights from the Cognia Engagement Review.

Valdosta City Schools Board of Education reminds the community the schools and central office will be closed Fridays: June 11, 18, 25 and July 2. In addition, the June 22 work session will be held at VMS.

The Valdosta Board of Education meets 7 p.m. Tuesday, Valdosta Middle School, and will be available to view livestream on the Valdosta City Schools Facebook page.