Buffalo blizzard heroes: Couple uses household tools to free 16 birds trapped in ice

New York was hit with a historic blizzard which caused power outages and a record 51 inches of snow to pile up. One tragic effect that the blizzard had on LaSalle Park in Buffalo included seagulls becoming trapped in ice that accumulated around them. The park is located near where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie and seagulls tend to flock.

Two Buffalo residents saw the need and took it upon themselves to help the birds. Using hammers and other household tools, Seamus Gallivan and Alex McArthur chiseled the ice along the waterfront where the seagulls were trapped and started freeing them one by one.

“The ice was pretty thick. It was not just something you could easily break with your hands or something,” McArthur said.

As temperatures rose, chipping the ice became easier along with using a spray bottle filled with warm water. When all was said and done, Gallivan and McArthur rescued sixteen seagulls.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Sad scene turns to amazing rescue as couple frees birds trapped in ice