Need a bug-out bag? Here are the 5 best emergency preparedness kits for 2022

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Everything you one handy backpack. (Photo: Amazon)
Everything you one handy backpack. (Photo:

You know what they say about an ounce of prevention. Being prepared in case of an emergency, whether it’s a flood, hurricane, earthquake, tornado or [enter disaster-of-choice here], will give you control over a scary situation.

Emergency preparedness kits (aka “bug-out bags”) contain basic supplies, but they’re supplies that could save your life — and since you may be dealing with power outages, water shortages and more, you’ll want a bug-out bag that can sustain you for at least 72 hours (and have room to stow your personal documents and medications, too).

We found five survival kits, from a four-person backpack to a 160-piece first-aid kit to help you and your loved ones stay safe in perilous predicaments.

ReadyWise Five Day Emergency Backpack

Wise Five Day Emergency Backpack (Photo: Walmart)
C'mon...the word "Wise" is right in its name — you know this is a smart buy! (Photo: Walmart)

Along with survival necessities like waterproof matches, a flashlight, and a blanket, this five-day emergency preparedness kit contains items to ease the situation too, like a deck of cards and palatable eats. The 32 servings of food (with a 25-year shelf life) include creamy pasta, tortilla soup, and apple cinnamon cereal. You’ll also find a portable stove with fuel tablets to heat it all up.

$75 at Walmart

Life Gear “Wings of Life” Emergency Survival Kit

Wings of Life first aid kit. (Photo: Walmart)
Gonna fly safety. (Photo: Walmart)

For the ultimate preparation for whatever life throws at you, we present this water-resistant backpack complete with wings that zip open to reveal clear pouches filled with survival tools. You’ll find a 3-day supply of food and water, a whistle, compass, leather work gloves, emergency red flasher, signaling mirror, and more.

$120 undefined at Walmart

First Aid Kit- 160 piece

160-item first aid kit (Photo: Amazon)
Whether you suffer an itty-bitty owee or a guts-out abdominal laceration, there's something in here to help. (Photo: Amazon)

Be ready for just about any injury with this first-aid assortment that features 160 items but weighs only a pound, and is small enough to fit in a glove compartment, suitcase, or junk drawer. The canvas case is packed with medical-grade supplies compiled by a team of doctors and CPR instructors.

Zippered clear pouches offer easy access and leave room to stash things of your own, like medications. You’ll find bandages of various sizes and shapes, sting relief pads, moleskin blister relief, antiseptic wipes, wound dressing, scissors, and metal tweezers.

$30 undefined at Amazon

Mayday Deluxe 4-Person Backpack Kit

MayDay Backpack kit (Photo: Amazon)
This bountiful bag even includes an AM/FM radio for your news and entertainment needs. Talk about roughing it! (Photo: Amazon)

This stocked backpack is perfect for a family of four. It contains a slew of items, from an AM/FM radio, a camper’s stove, and a tent to 50 water purification tablets and a 54-piece first-aid kit. Food and water will be taken care of thanks to 24 pouches of water, 50 water purification tablets, and four 2,400-calorie food bars.

$105 undefined at Amazon

Ready America 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Ready America (Photo: Amazon)
Don't be fooled by the "America" in the name — this kit will keep you hydrated, fed and warm in any disaster-waiting-to-happen locale. (Photo: Amazon)

This 72 Hour Emergency Kit from Ready America is the ultimate in grab-it-and-go preparedness, whether you're aiming to outrun a hurricane, hunker down after a mudslide or find yourself hopelessly lost in the woods. As its name says, this kit can sustain two people for three days (or, presumably, one person for six days, if you're the lone-wolf type). What's in it? Thirty-three items in all, including vacuum-sealed food and water packets, blankets, two 2,400-calorie food bars, disposable dust masks, nitrile gloves, a whistle ( you know, in case you want to call that cute wolf over to play — kidding!), ponchos, tissues and a pair of safety light sticks.

$39 $50 at Amazon

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