'Build bridges and fewer walls': Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, speaks at Worcester State University commencement at DCU Center

Worcester State University President Barry M. Maloney places a stole on honorary degree recipient and keynote speaker Ilyasah Shabazz during commencement exercises Saturday at the DCU Center.
Worcester State University President Barry M. Maloney places a stole on honorary degree recipient and keynote speaker Ilyasah Shabazz during commencement exercises Saturday at the DCU Center.
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WORCESTER — Trumpets and the graduation anthem “Pomp and Circumstance” heralded the first in-person Worcester State University commencement ceremony since 2019 for 1,146 graduates Saturday morning at the DCU Center.

The venue buzzed with the cheers of family and friends who filled the first floor and most of the upper seats of the arena.

Keynote speaker Ilyasah Shabazz, award-winning author, educator and producer, and third daughter of civil rights activist Malcolm X, spoke at the commencement.

She shared with the Class of 2022 a message of unity and togetherness.

“You never know what the future will hold, but you must be ready for your moment because when that moment arrives you must stay focused on who you're fighting for, and not what you're fighting against,” Shabazz said. “We must build bridges and fewer walls.”

Graduates listen to speeches during the Worcester State University commencement Saturday at the DCU Center.
Graduates listen to speeches during the Worcester State University commencement Saturday at the DCU Center.

Shabazz lives in New York state and is the author of the 2002 memoir "Growing Up X: A Memoir by the Daughter of Malcolm X," which was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work in Nonfiction.

Shabazz also wrote the 2014 children’s book "Malcolm Little: The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X," which was nominated for a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, and the children’s and young-adult novel "X" in 2015, which was among 10 finalists for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work, Youth/Teens.

At the commencement she recounted the Feb. 21, 1965, assassination of her father in New York City where she was present as a 3-year-old beside her mother, Betty Shabazz, and sisters.

In a series of quotes, Shabazz cited her father to enforce her and her father’s message.

“ ’The future belongs to those who prepare for it today’,” said Shabazz, quoting Malcolm X. “ ’We must let go of divisiveness and unite around a common goal to live more meaningful and purpose-driven lives.’ ”

Awarded honorary doctorate

Shabazz was awarded an honorary doctorate of humane letters honoris causa by the university, presented to her by President Barry M. Maloney.

On Thursday, the university held the pinning ceremony for 74 nursing students at its Sullivan Hall Auditorium.

Ilyasah Shabazz, center, receives an honorary degree from Worcester State University President Barry M. Maloney, left, and board of trustees member Maryanne M. Hammond during WSU commencement exercises Saturday at the DCU Center.
Ilyasah Shabazz, center, receives an honorary degree from Worcester State University President Barry M. Maloney, left, and board of trustees member Maryanne M. Hammond during WSU commencement exercises Saturday at the DCU Center.

On Friday, 305 graduate degrees were presented at the university’s Wellness Center.

Nursing graduate of the Class of 2022 Lindsey King said that the last four years took hard work and the reciprocal support of her roommate and classmate Veronika Dilva, who stood next to her at their commencement on Saturday.

“Since the first day of school we’ve been there for each other,” King said. “There’s a lot of emotion and excitement now for us.”

The two also thanked their professors for their success.

“It also took a lot of tears,” said Dilva. “We had to go through clinicals early in the morning and late at night.

“It was just never-ending work, but here we are.”

Mathematics 2022 graduate Joseph Clark said that his capstone 78-page assignment was what came to mind at Saturday’s commencement ceremony.

He was pleased to be attending the ceremony in person.

“It was definitely challenging, but really rewarding and fun,” said Clark. “The ceremony wouldn’t have been the same experience,” said Clark. “Not to mention that it’s actually nice to be out and not be trapped in my house anymore.”

Worcester State University graduates sit during Saturday's commencement at the DCU Center, the first such in-person ceremony since 2019.
Worcester State University graduates sit during Saturday's commencement at the DCU Center, the first such in-person ceremony since 2019.

WSU graduates from Central Mass.

Ashburnham: Julia L. Sharron

Auburn: Brighid F. Campbell (S), Nicholas John, Michael E. Kelley, Daniel Outerson, Samantha A. Sheehan, Nicholas P. Stanton, Caitlyn E. Sullivan

Boylston: Julian J. Wagner (M)

Brimfield: Alison P. Senecal (M)

Brookfield: Natasha D. Austin (C)

Charlton: Matthew A. Lovely, Kayla R. Palmer, Abigail M. Snopkowski (M)

Dudley: Bellalorraine M. Carey-Hicks (S), Wendy D. Storm, Sarah E. Tonkin (S), Keara L. Vangel

East Brookfield: James E. Joyce

East Douglas: Jonathan R. Paine

Fitchburg: Connor E. Slattery

Grafton: Emily L. Parish

Hardwick: Sarah R. Flynn (S)

Holden: Lauren L. Kolonusz (S), Olivia G. Lucchesi, Matthew J. Wnek (M)

Hopedale: Marissa D. Luchini (S)

Lancaster: Markham R. Richter

Leicester: Ryan P. Carney, Patrick D. Gallant (M)

Marlborough: Tyler J. Hendrix, Tyler J. Morales

Mendon: Gregory A. Martinez (S)

Milford: Alison H. Balducci

Millbury: Ryan M. Brodeur, Ryan M. Fahey

North Brookfield: Kalie E. Harding, Rhiannon LaRose (S)

Northborough: Casey Cabral (M), Madison M. Sklar, Jessica C. Wicks

Northbridge: Frank E. Arena

Paxton: Madison M. Benoit, Monica J. Mita, Aidan B. Smith (C)

Rochdale: Gina M. Endres (C), Selena M. Sheldon

Rutland: Eva R. DiBara, Justine M. Pulaski

Shirley: Megan Harding (M)

Shrewsbury: Vincent T. Pellegrino (S), Christopher C. Semanki (S)

South Grafton: Jonathan R. Coleman

Southbridge: Leah Gallipeau

Spencer: Haley E. Deane, Emily J. Hastings (S)

Sterling: Tyler W. Clapp (C), Timothy J. Devereaux

Sturbridge: Brandon M. Gatta (M)

Sutton: Wyatt B. Lucia

Templeton: Michael T. Chapman

Upton: Zachary S. Kennedy

Uxbridge: Katherine R. Sobkowiak

West Boylston: Kameron K. Elliott

West Brookfield: Angela M. Landino

Westborough: John M. Curtis, Karen B. Israel (C)

Whitinsville: Madison J. Giacobbi, Emily S. Hayes

Worcester: Dallas Dores (M), Trang D. Duong (M), Andrew P. Farrington (M), Yanin A. Fuentes-Diaz, Jason E. Haddad, Jarred P. Hakenson (C), Logan F. Hampsey, Caulin P. Hanify, Robert A. Israelian (S), Stephanie J. Jacher (M), Lewis C. Kotros, Sotirios E. Lalos, Brandon H. Le, Vy A. Le (M), Brent J. Leighton, Jr., Catherine J. Livesay, Kristen D. Livoti, Patrick M. Long, Amelia M. McCarthy, Mariam J. Mohammed (M), Marina A. Parella (M), Dominic M. Parretti (C), Kyle J. Powers (C), Chad V. Ren (C), Christian J. Santana, Karen Shalev (S), Deanne M. Soltau, Aisling M. Tiernan, Linda L. Trieu, Natalie E. Vargas, Otis T. Wheeler, Kevin Yepez, Wazeema Zahra

Bachelor of Science

Ashby: Robert S. Doig

Athol: Daniel W. Almeida

Auburn: Alysha C. Benoit (C), Dominick A. Boschetto (M), Nelly Castillo, Alex A. Cataldo, Olivia L. Copson (C), Kerri J. Dowd (M), Jessica D. Ferris (M), Tim B. Goodell, Rachel A. Griffin (M), Lindsay E. Guittarr (M), Megan K. Gurlitz, Henry Htoo, Lauren E. Kennedy (C), Sang Q. Lam (M), Anhur A. Maklef, Julianna C. Martinelli, Delaney K. Nadeau, Katherine E. Nordborg, April T. Pepin, Eric J. Rockwood, Brian J. Sarkisian, William T. Sjogren, Lauren L. Webb

Barre: Ivan C. Adams, Melanie E. Riedle (C)

Berlin: Meaghan P. O'Day, Emma J. Pendergast (S)

Blackstone: Shayna M. Boyan (C), Jefferson B. Coutinho (C), Kelly E. Dwyer, Tori E. Socci

Brimfield: Patrick J. St Pierre

Brookfield: Isabel S. Bartlett, Shelby R. McMillan

Charlton: Katelyn E. Chalupka, Jonathan T. Foley, Grace E. Gordon, Heidi E. Hazzard, Bethany A. Irish (C), Samantha M. Johnson (C), Angela M. Kaperonis (C), Andrew C. Vizzachero (C), Molly Zastrow (C)

Cherry Valley: Alison G. Milgate

Clinton: David T. Baird, Maranda L. Bashaw, Tyler L. Benjamin, Lauren Bernard, Jamie L. Blanchette (M), Brianna M. Cerutti (M), Austin C. Gannon, Emily E. Gemma, Tessa M. Howlett, Joselyn M. Hunt, Hope A. Makey, Crystal Mallcco, Erinne M. McEvilly

Douglas: Kirsten B. Ballou, Amanda L. Bara (C), Marissa K. Chan, Sydney C. Connor (C), Ethan C. Guertin (M), Margaret E. Gurney (S), Timothy D. Hannon, Justin T. Pineo, Sydney E. Rodriguez, Mayleena M. Silva, Alec R. Turner

Dudley: Lauren V. Beckman (C), Kasey F. Clark, Emily M. Costa, Geoffrey F. Franke, Emily F. French (C), Shelby W. Jyringi (C), Erin Masciangioli (M), Rebecca E. Moore, Alexander M. Nelson, Owen M. Njoroge, Jaymini V. Patel, Laura A. Reno, Justyn W. Sudyka (S), Autumn D. Thebodo, Ashley E. Williams

East Douglas: Hailey R. Baldwin (M)

Fiskdale: Madison L. Shaw (C), Paige Szczypien

Fitchburg: Ailene J. Alcantara, Skylar H. Alves, Lori L. Anderson, Anna R. Andrews, Jacob M. Boivin, Jessi M. Girard, Mary A. Kwofie, Tyreke Mason-Gayle, Nicholas J. Maynard, Celine Phommatham

Gardner: Iman Hassan, Jayne E. Hopper, Gina M. Paquette, Hannah R. Parker (C)

Grafton: Jenna E. Arbogast, Cameron D. Boyle (M), Mikayla A. Corda, Elizabeth G. DeCosta, Julia R. Donabed, Amber R. Dumas (M), Samuel R. Errara, Gabriella A. LeMay (C), Alicia M. Palmer (C), Brianah H. Parker, Mia F. Ragaini, Erin J. Slason

Hardwick: Stephanie M. Cofske

Holden: Thomas K. Adams, Marc Aldana, Jacqueline C. Berryman (S), Erik K. Bjorn, Krysa G. Boyce, William A. Caiquo, Ashley N. Cotting (M), Heather A. Demma (S), Hannah M. Francese, Pernesso Geffrard (C), Brittani A. Keilson, Kurt R. Maiser (S), Nicole C. Mankowska (S), Kyle S. Mayou (M), Reem Y. Najjar (C), Emma D. O'Brien, Sebastian Serafin, Elizabeth L. Shaw (C), Kyle J. Strait (C), Mark A. Troiano, Jonathan S. VanderSea (S)

Holland: Sarah N. Cox (C), Alexis J. Palmer

Hopedale: Brian C. Cerow (M)

Hubbardston: Henry D. Colebrook (C), Jonathan T. Wykes

Hudson: Elizabeth D. Campbell (M), Michael C. Chaves, Jr. (C), Caitlyn A. Day (C), Thomas D. DiBattista, Matthew B. Hanlon (S), Emily A. O'Neil (M), Nicholas C. Stukonis

Jefferson: Serwaa A. Adjei, Wasseem Belgou, Paige E. Gardner (C), Zoe M. Kraner, Gitte Lenaerts, Jonathan A. Luna (C), Gloriann J. Switzer (S)

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Leicester: Lisa Carbone, Lauren E. Carlsen, Julie A. Carr, Alana D. Garofalo, Rose M. Grady (C), Efstathia Kapoukranidis (S), Konstantina Kapoukranidis (S), Trevor V. Mott

Leominster: Olivia N. Arsenault, Jillian Corliss (C), Victoria M. Hache, Campbell T. Harrington, Brian R. Jorritsma, Cameron J. Kelly, John P. Kenneally, Renee L. Mercier (C), Mykayla M. O'Sullivan, Lucia V. Revetria, Abbey T. Robichaud (M), Imane H. Samari (M), Stephanie Seyde-Rodriguez, Kali S. Shortsleeves (M), Yazmin M. Soto (C), Autumn E. Tata (M)

Lunenburg: Courtney M. Allen, Kelly M. Beverly (C), Sarah E. Blomgren (C), Isobel D. Bodkin, Jacklyn A. Gray (M), Sarah M. Hinsley, Elizabeth K. Pinard, Olivia M. Rigopoulos, Victoria A. Rigopoulos (M)

Marlborough: Soraya Abdavies, Leslie Cruz (M), Lauren P. Cummings, Rachael E. Curley (M), Henry L. Dilling, Gladis M. Guardado, Zoe G. Krouner (C), Olivia M. Larson, Amanda A. Lopes, Emily N. Morais (M), Gabrielle M. Nader (C), Rachel E. O'Connell, Casandra Pierre, Amelia F. Sakai (C), Nathalya Souza, Shaye E. Stokes, Santo Taylor, Yetzi Villegas Bautista

Mendon: Kathleen A. Burke, Sara B. Burnell (S), Bonnie A. Giroux (M), Nicole L. Kaufman, Haleigh J. MacKinnon (C), John W. Schiloski (C)

Milford: Taylor A. Dube, Jacquelyn V. Johnson, Patrick S. Lehane, Esmeralda A. Mays, Victoria F. McGovern, Kallie E. Tavano, Jacob C. Tomaso (M), Katherine C. Wheeler

Millbury: Fadi F. Akram, Alyssa L. Alin, Brianna L. Cloutier, Renata Da Silva Miranda, Edward J. Daher (C), Ariany M. Guilherme, Dimitri M. Kambouris, Cori A. Malmquist (C), Danielle M. Michalak, Alexis E. Morris, Ashley T. Ngo, Jasmine M. Rodriguez, Jessica M. Sharon, Elise L. Stone (S), Brittany E. Watson (C)

Millville: Erik D. Sgrosso

New Braintree: Benjamin R. Morin (S)

North Brookfield: Janet M. Burke, Breana L. Joubert (C)

North Grafton: Ian T. Scarlett (M), Andrea Sivakova, Jonathan C. Turgeon, Colleen M. Ward

North Grosvenordale, CT: Nicholas W. Kopacz

North Oxford: Brooke E. Dionne, Austin M. Edwards

North Uxbridge: Hailey N. Millette

Northborough: Kenneth S. Byun, Katherine M. Dawson (C), Leah C. Gibson (C), Elizabeth G. Poitras-Cote (C), Shane S. Poole, Matthew A. Santana, Jaylin M. Schultz, Anders J. Svendsen

Northbridge: Calvin M. Aia, James W. Blair (C), Matthew W. Conary, Marissa E. O'Neil

Oakham: Shawn R. Seeley

Orange: Bryce J. Cleveland

Oxford: Desiree M. Anderson, Linda L. Calley, Andrew G. Gagne, Aliya G. Guillotte, Kayli R. Lopriore, Alexander G. Polis (C), Thea T. Ray, Christian T. Shadis (S), Kristen A. Skamarock, Nicole A. Sosvielle

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Rutland: Charles J. Callender, Brianna A. Charest, Laura N. Cruz, Charles J. Goodacre, Evan R. Haines, Ciara A. Johnson (C), Alyssia G. Lopez, Alyssa M. Maldonado, Matthew R. Rollins, Rachel C. Ross, Madison G. Rotti, Kaylie J. Senecal (S), Jeremy J. Studley, Michael Wheeler (C)

Shirley: Olivia W. Schleyer (C)

Shrewsbury: Nabaa H. Abdullah (C), Charles N. Bray, Meaghan E. Campbell (S), Breena E. Carey, Wayne T. Carey, Queenasia A. Cooley, Julion M. DeVincentis, Logan J. Desilets (C), Sam Eldean, Abdulrazak I. Frederick, Tyler J. Gaudette, Sandesh Gurung, Suraj Gurung, Joshua P. Halliday, Breana D. Hogan (M), Turin Ikbal, Kanwal F. Jaffari, Kylian M. Kelly, Julia C. Luiz, Timothy M. McCarthy, Ryan R. Miller, Mostafa A. Mohammed, Ayman Nashawi, Ryan D. Nguyen, John P. Olivier (S), Alexander J. Pasquale, Nikhil K. Patel, Derin Sabu (C), Alyxandr J. Srnka, Tyler P. Valle (C), Caleigh M. Weafer (M), Kristen A. Wienen, Rena Yaghmour

South Grafton: Olivia R. Bonati, Jorge Laguna (S), Hannah J. O'Connor

Southbridge: Christian S. Barse (Awarded Posthumously), Aaron W. Berry, Kathryn E. Bohm (M), Deion L. Burnett, Michale J. Friedrich, Luis R. Maldonado, Johanna L. Marrero, Dalizbeth Rivera-Szczypien, Joseph P. Stella, William D. Watkins

Spencer: Kyle J. Driscoll, Madison R. Gallagher-Gould, John M. Gibbons, Justin D. Manzello, Jeffrey M. Morrissey, Jennifer M. Morrissey (M), Johnny C. Nguyen, Anne C. Nyland, Nicole A. Ouellette (M), Rachel J. Petruzzi, Fransheska Rosario, Sarah K. Stepien, Ariana R. Strout (M), Selena M. Wilson, Hayley R. Worthington

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Education Specialist

Blackstone: Marissa L. Piedmonte

Fitchburg: Caitlyn M. Shepard

Holden: Ali P. Duchemin, Cady L. Jakubiak

Leicester: Brittany E. Flynn

Marlborough: Michelle B. Smith

Shrewsbury: Rebecca E. Wallace

Worcester: Monica Groulx, Andrew Nickerson

Master of Arts

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Webster: John N Grady

Worcester: Aiden S. Duffy

Master of Education

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Master of Occupational Therapy

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This article originally appeared on Telegram & Gazette: Worcester State University held commencement at DCU Center with Ilyasah Shabazz