Build your family’s Thanksgiving dinner for under $30

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — With less than one week from Thanksgiving, many families are planning to travel locally and beyond and welcome relatives into their homes.

But, the added pressure to prepare a hearty meal doesn’t have to break the bank.

The American Farm Bureau said Thanksgiving dinner will cost just shy of $60 this year for a party of 10 people which is slightly lower from last year. Though the price is still relatively higher than before the pandemic.

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Nobody wants their feathers ruffled by spending a pretty penny from turkey to macaroni and cheese, which is why DC News Now discovered prices from several major retailers to build a meal for less than $30.

Lidl is out with a shopping list for a dinner that feeds 10 people under $30, including a 13 pound frozen turkey; get it for 49 cents per pound with the free “MyLidl” loyalty program.

At Walmart, a 10 pound frozen young turkey from Honeysuckle averages $9.80, and for mashed potatoes, Russet potatoes are costing $2.83 for a 5 pound bag. Pepperidge Farm stuffing costs at $2.48, Bird’s Eye’s steamed bag of green beans sit at $2.52 and Walmart’s store-branded 112-count package of rolls costs $3.24.

The classic holiday items above will cost $20.87, leaving enough wiggle room for another side dish or two.

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At Giant, DC News Now looked for comparable prices and comparable portions for the same items: turkey, potatoes, stuffing and green beans. DC News Now calculated saving $3.31 compared to Walmart, based on listed prices.

What about Trader Joe’s? DC News Now visited one location in Northwest D.C. Friday, where some side dishes are comparably priced to Walmart and Giant; take a package of mashed sweet potatoes for $2.99. However, if consumers desire a full turkey at the dinner table, Trader Joe’s holiday meal may cost over $30, given their prices listed for a full turkey.

Check out Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Guide flyer, as recipes and other pricing information are inside.

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Families in search of a local food bank can visit, and select the “find a food bank tab.”

Prices listed above were as of Nov. 17 on retailers’ respective websites.

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