Bulgaria recognises military aid to Ukraine as constitutional

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The Constitutional Court of Bulgaria has rejected a petition filed by pro-Russian MPs who demanded that the decision to provide military assistance to Ukraine be declared inconsistent with the country's constitution.

Source: press service of the Constitutional Court of Bulgaria

Details: The decision to reject the petition was adopted nine to one. Judge Yanaki Stoilov was the only judge to dissent. Stoilov is a long-standing member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, which requested the hearing.

The case was opened at the request of 50 MPs from two pro-Russian parties, Revival and the Bulgarian Socialist Party. They demanded that the 9 December parliamentary decision to provide military assistance to Ukraine be declared unconstitutional.

On 16 December, Bulgaria’s Parliament voted to approve the second and final reading of an agreement between Bulgaria and Ukraine on the supply of armaments, equipment and ammunition to Ukraine. The list was classified because it contained information about all of Bulgaria’s armaments.

According to official information, since the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression Bulgaria has supplied US$243 million worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including 2,000 helmets, 2,000 bulletproof vests, 350 medical kits, 5,000 sets of winter clothing and 5,000 pairs of winter shoes.

Several billion dollars worth of Bulgarian weapons are said to have been delivered to Ukraine via other countries, in the absence of any direct agreements between the two countries. This information has not been officially confirmed.

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