Bull - Behind Bars

Two very different perspectives on a man trapped in prison.

Video Transcript

LEO KRADDICK: Good afternoon. My name is Leo Kraddick, and I'm Martha Kraddick's son. Before my father was arrested, I played baseball as a kid. And my dad was my little league coach.

Before every game, he'd gather us around and say, swing hard boys. Swing hard. That's what he's done behind bars, never stopped being a parent, never stopped loving me.

- Do you see [INAUDIBLE] widow here?

LEO KRADDICK: 12 years of prison is enough to break most anyone's soul. But my father's never broke. He taught himself the law. He made it his business to finish college. And upon his release, he plans to attend night classes at Hudson University Law school, while working part time as a warehouse clerk.

I've asked him to come live with me, become part of my household, maybe even make up for some of the 12 years that we've lost. I hope you'll agree that our probate plan includes every necessary element for a successful transition. Work, family, ambition.

I'm taking it on faith that you're sitting there, because you believe in the power of second chances. That you believe in the power of redemption. That you believe that a man's ability to make a contribution to society lasts as long as he draws breath.

My father's ready. Please, extend this opportunity to him. You will not regret it. Society will not regret it. Thank you for your time.

- Thank you Mr. Kraddick.


- [THROAT CLEARING] Ivan was a happy, little boy, who maybe went wild, as a teenager did bad things, yes. But was a wonderful father. His little girl, Galina, [INAUDIBLE] should have turned 13 this month. A great sleepover, school dances, all of it destroyed by Arthur Kraddick.

He took my son. He took my granddaughter. The dead don't get a voice. So it's for them that I beg you, do not release the man who assassinated Ivan and Galina.