Bull wreaks havoc on streets after escaping from abattoir

Watch: Bull on the loose causes chaos on the streets of Perth, Scotland

An escaped bull caused chaos as it rampaged down residential streets in Perth, Scotland.

A video clip showed the animal making a final bid for freedom as it ran down roads.

It was closely followed by several police cars with their lights flashing.

A police van tried to stop the bull from charging by overtaking it and blocking the road but it was unsuccesful.

The bull went on a rampage in Perth, Scotland. (SWNS)
The bull went on a rampage in Perth, Scotland. (SWNS)

Local bus services were delayed while a school in the area had to close its gates for the safety of its pupils.

The bull, believed to have escaped from a local abattoir, was eventually cornered and shot dead.

Residents took to social media to share their opinions on the incident.

One user joked that there was "a new gangster roaming the streets".

Others shared their relief in being inside whilst the bull charged around the town.

But many were saddened by the conclusion of the story.

A video of the bull was captioned: “Wee shame. Heard it escaped from [the local abattoir] … will be running for it’s life!”.

A resident commented: “Wish I could go and get him and stick him in our field with the horses, poor boy”.

The footage was filmed from inside the safety of a house in North Muirton, Perth.