Fresno State expands attendance policy for outdoor sports

The athletic program announced that all outdoor sporting events will have 20 percent capacity starting on Saturday, April 17.

Video Transcript

- Come on, Dolcini.



- All right. Nice, try. You got four strike outs right now.

- Yeah!

- All right. All right.

- That's the way to pitch them, Dolcini.

- There's nothing like being here present and watching it from close up. We watched it-- tried watching it on TV, but there's nothing like being here.

- Let's go!


- Are you getting your steps in this weekend?

- I am, yeah, walking all these K's out. And it's a great time being out here. And this is the best place to be, in the outfield.

- (OVER LOUDSPEAKER) Her second home run of the season.


- I don't know who's enjoying it more, the players or us.

- It felt amazing just to even go through the gates and be able to support the whole team. So we're glad we're here.

- You know, it's what makes this place special. And so sometimes you forget what that's like just because it's been so long. And just the ability to be able to have that energy, and to be able to look up see the crowd, clap-- clap not towards outfield, and clap, finally, towards the stadium. I'm proud to be a bulldog, and I'm just so grateful that our county and our athletic department was able to get us back in the stadium.