Bulldog Enjoys Rolling in Seattle’s Autumn Leaves

Tux Earl, a bulldog in the process of moving from Texas to Seattle, decided to explore his new neighborhood by rolling around in a pile of leaves on November 16.

Maria Smith captured the video and told Storyful her English bulldog disliked the weather in his old home and has been taken in by Seattle’s weather.

“Texas is very hot and humid, which is not a good environment for bulldogs because it’s hard for bulldogs to breath with their flat faces and noses,” said Smith.

Smith said her walks with Tux Earl in Texas lasted for five to ten minutes and ended with him having to be carried on his dog stroller because the heat was too much for him to handle.

These days Tux Earl loves his walks, which consist of him plowing into leaves and enjoying Seattle’s rainy "perfect bulldog weather.” Credit: @Tux_Earl_Smith via Storyful

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