Bullet holes in house draw NAACP help

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May 5—LIMA — Local resident, Dawn Ehora, says there has been a pattern of gun violence at her home. Ehora said since moving, her home has been 'shot-at' on three separate occasions. The first occurred one year ago, the second occurred one month ago and the third occurred last Thursday. Ehora is from Bellefontaine and decided to move to Lima for more opportunities. After three shootings occurred, Ehora made a report to the Lima Police Department and the Lima NAACP.

'This is the third incident that happened here," said Ehora. "During the second incident, I was actually in my room. It sounded like someone knocked on my window or something. I jumped up, I looked out the windows and I saw someone walking really fast. When the third incident happened, I was not home because of the second incident. I wanted to check on my house at 8:30 in the morning and I noticed more bullet holes in the house, which are the new ones in the front."

Ehora said she did contact the police department to report the shootings. LPD reportedly placed a detection device across the road in response to the reports. The device monitors an area and deploys officers if a 'crime' is detected.

According to another report in The Lima News, there was a theft reported on the same block of 500 Michael Avenue just last Thursday.

Ehora said she has not felt safe residing in her home since.

"My children and grandchildren come and see me quite often," said Ehora. "I am just thankful that we were not here. I don't know why we are being targeted. This is my home — I have not heard anything from the department about who it was but I am happy the cameras are here."

Council members Jamie Dixon and Derry Glenn joined the press conference Friday morning.

"This young lady is trying to get her career started and she is doing a great job," said Glenn. "She owns her home. She is not renting. We have got to get the community to come together and help her out."

Dixon weighed in on possible solutions moving forward.

"We don't want it happening in the Lima community at all," said Dixon. "If we can be proactive and have these conversations and set up places where individuals can actually come and have medication services, we can teach our young men and women that there are other ways to handle it instead of resorting to gun violence."

NAACP President Ron Fails encouraged community members to 'think before they act'.

"It is not worth taking a life and spending your life in prison — If you see something, say something," said Fails. "There are a number of good things being done in the city of Lima. It is our plea that we will join in and do our part to make it even better."

Fails said the Lima NAACP chapter has a hotline for community members to call and 'report issues'. NAACP can be reached at 419-516-1122.

For more information on how to donate to Ehora, Sixth Ward Council Member Derry Glenn can be reached at 419-905-9572.

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.