The Bulletproof Pride Flag

Activists have created a bulletproof pride flag to show support for countries where being LGBTQ+ is still persecuted.

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In Pride news and current events today, this bullet proof pride flag has been created by the Emergence Foundation to show strength and unity for LGBTQ people in countries where is it still frowned upon or against the law. This LGBTQ Pride Month 2020, we celebrate 2020 Pride Month by honoring the trailblazers who fought for LGBTQ+ rights and LGBT rights all around the world. We take some LGBTQ rights for granted here in America, even though we still have much progress to make. Still, it's worth considering how in many parts of the world, being LGBTQIA+ is a crime, which is why the Emergence Foundation created these bulletproof rainbow flag, rainbow flags, and pride flag, to represent countries where being queer is a crime.

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