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Hilarious photos of dogs trying to catch treats

Lala the mixed breed. (Photo: Christian Vieler/Caters News)

Bullseye! Hilarious photos capture dogs showing impressive concentration before catching treats

This unique collection of photographs shows the concentrated faces of dogs just before catching their beloved treats. Professional photographer Christian Vieler, from Germany, shot the latest series of his “Dogs Catching Treats in Trouble” collection with hilarious results.

Some of the 48-year-old’s images show the happy faces of successful catches, whereas others illustrate pooches’ shocked reactions on seeing such large amounts of treats thrown at them at once. One of the most adorable photos is of Rhodesian ridgeback Hudson looking down in the dumps — presumably after an unsuccessful attempt at grabbing one of the flying snacks.

Christian said: “After working as a journalist for many years, I decided to start taking my photography seriously, becoming a professional in 2016. “My favorite capture is of Australian shepherd Kaylee because it defines my idea in all its glory.”

The collection is a personal look at some of the emotions, including “shocked, confused, joyful or sad,” Vieler said, that our four-legged companions feel when the magical moment strikes.

He added: “I am grateful to have the chance to work as a pro dog photographer. After shooting snapshots for five years now, I still enjoy every shoot and dog.” (Caters News)

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