Buncombe, Asheville property transfers for May 18-20

Sales filed in Buncombe County for May 18-20:


  • 120 Florida Ave., $650,000, Steve R Brockwell and Deborah R Brockwell to Theodore Gunther

  • 0.2 acres on Summit Avenue, $11,000, Bennie Norman McIntosh to Summit Park LLC

  • 7 Mayfield Road, $950,000, Garry F Mayer and Ethel E Mayer Revocable Trust to Victor Taylor Warren

  • 21 Orrinel Way, $823,000, East West Craggy Development LLC to Olson Gifting Trust

  • 88 Fifth Ave., $715,000, Alexander Gabriel Sosler and Lauren Ashley Sosler to Margaret Ruch Frelinghuysen

  • 53 Lanning Ave., $750,000, Jeffrey Hill Boyd and Monique Boyd to Christy Hurlburt

  • 90 Downing St., $130,000, Julia Oat-Judge to Asheville Area Habitat For Humanity Inc

  • 7 City Cove Lane, $500, Sure Foot Builders Inc to Monument Homes LLC

  • 7 Williams St., $535,000, Patricia Brown Griffin to Henry Padilla

  • 6 Westwood Place, $350,000, Vinson C Rutherford and Sherrill L Smedley to Jess Dickinson Properties LLC

  • 19 Albemarle Road, $952,000, Billy Pyatt and Jetta Pyatt to Natalie Breit

  • 90 Pershing Road, $295,000, Danny L Bullman and Charlie Lee Bullman Revocable Trust to North Beech Properties LLC

  • 26 Woodcrest Road, $710,000, Jennifer S Forsyth Living Trust and John D Forsyth Living Trust to Lindsee McPhail

  • 116 Bilberry Lane, $550,000, Richard Harold Greene to James Carson Moore

  • 55 Lincoln Ave W, $100,000, William Ford Hennessee to Travis Sibert

  • 21 Myra Place Unit 117, $455,000, Carolyn Desimone and Mark Steven Boufford to Michael S Barnett

  • 0.14 acres on Frances St., $150,000, Geoffrey W Ferdon to Robert Lynn Jackson

  • 136 Michigan Ave., $350,000, J&N Properties LLC to Mark A Shaffer

  • 0.7 acres on Burton St., $450,000, Lucky Bear LLC to Blue Note Junction LLC

  • 102 Rough Point Court, $2,500, Julia White Shuler to Julia White Shuler

  • 122 Waynesville Ave., $170,000, Sandler Parker LLC to Ruizkids12 LLC

  • 101 Patton Ave., $1,880,000, Jubilee Community Inc to Equitas at Wall Street LLC

  • 39 Sycamore St., $390,000, Willard Properties LLC to Dana Briscoe Brown

  • 305 Piney Mountain Drive, Unit B1, $2,000, Clifford E Hallum to Clifford E Hallum (le)

  • 354 Riverview Drive, $652,000, Michael T Hudson to Shane Steven Shields


  • 52 Ivy Meadows Drive, $470,000, AR Construction and Development Inc to Robin L Brown

Black Mountain

  • 552 Sweet Birch Park Lane, $566,500, Amarx Construction LLC to Catherine Patinella

  • 214 Sunset Drive, $785,000, Black Mountain Sunset LLC to KUWT LLC

East Buncombe

  • 44 Tupper Road, $274,500, Bobby Lee Hayes to Cynthia Hampton Norris


  • 15 N Kaufman Stone Way, $675,000, Gloria W Schrader and Jerry L Schrader to Bosco Enterprises Trust

  • 61 Rose Of Sharon Way, $580,000, Janice H Stokes and Jonathan Stokes to Harvey Deboy Thorp

  • 300 Tavernier Lane, $490,000, D R Horton Inc to Chethan Shivappa Thenehalli

  • 145 Monmouth Way, $318,500, Eric Stowell Brent and Bonnie Jean Brent to Robert Maskell Brown

  • 191 Monroe Creek Blvd., $420,500, D R Horton Inc to Neely Noel Carter Huitt

  • 701 Bryson Road, $605,000, Derek Reis and Erica Reis to Michael J Nowak

  • 15 Sawyers Pheasant Lane, $905,000, David McNamee and Lynne E McNamee to Patricia A MacManus


  • 15 Wilson Lane, $300,000, Aldo Wilson (le) to Schurr Investments LLC

  • 55 Whitaker Circle, $140,000, Kevin Roger Morgan and Pamela Y Riddle to J Anderson Group LLC

  • 70 Crossings Circle, $95,000, The Crossing NC LLC to Terry Margolis Haney Revocable Trust

French Broad

  • 55 Country Cove Court, $495,000, David Lagrow and Aneita Charliene Lagrow to Maya Woolard

  • 827 Jenkins Valley Road, $521,000, Gerald Prickett and Patricia Prickett to Boyd Family Trust


  • 2.29 acres on Chestnut Drive, $35,000, Tyler Richard Harrell to Swamp Lily Properties LLC

  • 6 S Turkey Creek Road, $617,000, Sharon P Hawkins and Sheila P Burrell to Brittany Vigneault

  • 19 Early Spring Way, $42,000, Clifford B Powers and Patricia S Powers to Kent T Phillips

  • 10 S Turkey Creek Road, $617,000, Shareila LLC and Sheila P Burrell to Brittany Vigneault

  • 3150 New Leicester Highway, $617,000, Sharon P Hawkins and Sheila P Burrell to Brittany Vigneault

Reems Creek

  • 411 Patton Mountain Road, $550,000, Kathryn C Strohl to Howard Lee Cummings Jr Revocable Living Trust


  • 6 Elly Lane, $303,000, Jerry Ray Penley to Colby Truesdell

  • 404 Onteora Blvd., $285,000, Santos Mercedes Machado to Sean Eric Guy


  • 60 Middle Grassy Branch Road, $2,500, Alice Waldroup to William Metcalf

  • 99 Oak Hollow Drive, $660,000, Michael J Krout and A. Caprice Hamlin-Krout to Jeremy Ryan Bottlinger

  • 9 Creek Drive, $830,000, Richard A Roberts and Deborah R Roberts to Michael D Perry


  • 21 George Allen Ridge, $93,000, William E Lance and Pauline A Lance to 2020 Builders LLC

  • 8 Emerald Court, $544,000, Terrence O Houck and Monica M Houck to Guy M Beauregard

  • 0.24 acres on George Allen Ridge, $93,000, William E Lance and Pauline A Lance to 2020 Builders LLC

  • 44 Brompton Road, $976,000, Alan J Larson and Gillian F Evans to Javier Antonio Zambrano

  • 0.35 acres on George Allen Ridge, $93,000, William E Lance and Pauline A Lance to 2020 Builders LLC

  • 110 Heywood Rd Unit 15D, $242,000, Susan Lowe Brown to Bridget E Hambrook

  • 3 Concord Knoll Lane, $108,500, Joan D Critzer and George N Menefee to Elizabeth Lovette Fulgenzi


  • 6 Saunooke Road, $290,000, Robert D Stokes and Dorothy J Stokes to Taylor Shane Hipps

  • 42 Bushwald Lane, $453,000, Kaleb S Blankenship and Erin V Blankenship to Dean and Ruth Goodman Family Trust

  • 15 Huntington Drive, $1,000, Judi D Gentry to Emily Anglin

  • 1.01 acres on Hershel Lane, $18,000, Matthew C Burton and Melissa F Burton to Jeremy N Knighton

  • 15 Village Overlook Loop, $590,000, Frank A Valenti and Sheila A Valenti to Jerome Solomon

  • 2398 US 70, $350,000, Michael W Berry to Zachary G Penland

  • 3 Woodburn Court, $755,000, Louis N Panchy and Georgia Panchy to Scott Forman

  • 0.2 acres on Saunooke Road, $290,000, Robert D Stokes and Dorothy J Stokes to Taylor Shane Hipps

  • 203 W Charleston Ave., $342,000, Betty A Hicks to Belinda Shavonne Wardwell


  • 26 Banks Town Road, $515,000, Patricia A Finein to Stacey Butcher

  • 116 Church St., $1,015,500, Eirene Peterson Burnette and Travis Cody Burnette to Arrived NC Knoll LLC

  • 46 Courseview Drive, $1,398,000, Lane Family Revocable Trust to Tesoro Investments LLC

West Buncombe

  • 4 Renee Road, $411,000, Jordan L Dalton and Josephine M Dalton to Nigel David

  • 7 Hunters View Drive, $242,000, Mary Alrie Hunter to William Erwin

  • 839 Emma Road, $575,000, Jen and Marc Murphy Revocable Living Trust to Christopher J Fiertner


  • 30 Pounders Drive, $110,000, Patsy E Pounders to Melvin Keith Webb

Source: Buncombe County Tax Lookup, tax.buncombecounty.org

This article originally appeared on Asheville Citizen Times: Buncombe County and Asheville property transfers for May 18-20