Bureau of Criminal Investigation report finds Mott-Regent shooting result of intentional confrontation

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Jun. 2—Mott, N.D. — A deputy involved fatal shooting at the Mott-Regent Public School on April 21, 2022 was the determined by The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation to be the direct result of deceased, "fully intending to initiate a confrontation."

The incident began when Deputy Jedediah Kohler, of the Hettinger County Sheriff's Office, responded to a dispatched call from Mott-Regent Public School at approximately 3 p.m. on April 21, 2022. The dispatched call related to a child custody dispute.

According to documents obtained by The Dickinson Press, Kohler discharged his taser twice during the an altercation with Glover inside the school before the two engaged in a physical confrontation inside the school.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation launched an investigation into the shooting death of Glover, citing that the incident was the result of a disagreement over custodial rights.

According to the report, during the struggle Kohler nearly lost consciousness when Glover began choking him. Kohler removed his department issued firearm and fired one round at Glover in order to protect himself and innocent bystanders in the building. Glover was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sheriff Sarah Warner said she agreed with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation findings that found no wrongdoing on behalf of the deputy involved, noting that he exercised all de-escalation and lesser force options before discharging his weapon.

The Hettinger County Sheriff's Office first declined to release the deputy's name, citing Marsy's Law protections of victims, but the deputy was identified in documents obtained and later by Warner in an interview with The Press.

According to the investigatory files, Glover and his wife were estranged for a period of one year at the time of the incident and did not have a court order or legal parental agreement outlining times and dates the two had for their children.

Witness audio files received by The Press corroborate statements by Kohler on the incident's timeline and allege that Glover was, "combative" and had threatened to kill his estranged wife if she left with their child.

Upon arrival, the deputy attempted to de-escalate tensions by asking Glover to leave the premises to talk — which he refused to do.

In the school's common area the deputy attempted to gain the compliance of Glover, discharging his taser, a non-lethal device used to render a combative or unresponsive subject compliant, and temporarily gained control of the situation. Kohler was able to place one of Glover's hands behind his back before Glover began to fight back to his feet. Kohler again discharged his taser to no effect, according to the obtained documents.

Glover verbally threatened to kill Kohler, taking "several swings with closed fists" and pushing him against a nearby wall according to witnesses, before both men fell to the ground and began to grapple.

It was in this grappling exchange that Kohler reports that he lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness, Glover was atop of him straddling him and was attempting to remove a knife attached to the deputy's tactical vest.

According to the report, the deputy "believing he was done for, drew his sidearm and fired one round into Glover."

A memo from BCI concluded that the deceased, "went to this fight fully intending to initiate a confrontation with, at least, his estranged wife" and "was oblivious" to his surroundings and the children who were being let out of class at the time.

After the fatal shot, Kohler immediately began unsuccessful lifesaving measures on Glover through CPR and the use of a wall mounted defibrillator.

Warner in a statement to The Press said, "After an exhaustive review of the evidence presented by North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation to the Hettinger County State's Attorney's Office, the facts show that the actions taken by the deputy on April 21, 2022, were justified and no criminal charges can be filed."

She added that a separate and concurrent investigation into agency policy and procedures found no wrongdoing.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation report concluded, "This unfortunate event, caused solely by Mr. Glover, leaves absolutely no doubt that Deputy Jedediah Kohler acted, at all times, with restraint and exhausted all reasonable and necessary means of force at his disposal on April 21st prior to discharging his firearm at Mr. Glover,"

Adding, "As Mr. Glover was the only person engaged in criminal activity at the school that day and, he has passed away rendering the matter moot, I am closing this file as case closed, no charges filed."