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'Burgh Buzz: April 15, 2021

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Pittsburgh Today Live's Mikey and Heather have a look at some of the fun things going on and coming up around town!

Video Transcript

- We are back and talking about what everyone's buzzing about this week starting with a local teen whose star is really on the rise. A 15-year-old Pittsburgh native is heating up the small screen her name is Sophie Guest.

At age six she starred alongside Tom Cruise in the film "Jack Reacher," which was shot here in Pittsburgh. Her latest project is called "Them," which is a horror series that just dropped on Amazon Prime last Friday. I really want to watch this. Next up, you can catch Guest in another film shot here in Pittsburgh called "Dear Zoe." she's a very busy young lady.

- Sounds fun. If you're a fan of Geno Malkin, you may want to head to McDonald's. The fast food chain is teaming up with the Penguin center to feature his favorite meal combo. The Geno meal includes a Big Mac, medium fries, medium soft drink, and a small shake. Why small?

- Why small? Honestly.

- You can get the Geno meal at McDonald's across Western PA, northern West Virginia, and eastern Ohio now through May 2. Malkin is the first NHL player to have his go-to order featured on the menu.

- So it's not just number one, it's a number one plus a shake. I know the menu all too well. Maybe a Geno meal for lunch and some microbrews for dinner. New restaurants are opening up all around the city, but that also includes in other areas too like in Cranberry Township.

Recon Brewing just opened its doors yesterday at the new crossroads at Meter Development. It's the first microbrewery in Cranberry Township. They also have a location in Center Township, and we have to let David know about their new location when he returns because he's going to be excited about this. They feature some specialty cocktails too.

- He'll love that.

- Yes, he will. If it's not restaurants but maybe flowers that you're looking forward to then Phipps Conservatory's Summer Show may be your ticket. The Hidden Life of Trolls is an interactive exhibit unlike anything Phipps has displayed before. They

Released some pictures on their Facebook page this week. There will be interactive elements and massive original displays. I'm hearing one of the trolls growls and shoots water into the air too. It sounds like it's fun, right? The show opens May 1, and time tickets must be reserved in advance.

- Trolls. Very interesting. This year's annual walk to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is going virtual, but that makes it even easier for you to get involved. This video is for the kickoff of Purple Stride in Pittsburgh, where everyone is urged to show their support. The virtual event will take place this Saturday, April 17.

- Very cool. KDKA's Kristine Sorensen will once again be part of the fundraiser, and KDKA is so proud to be the media sponsor. Please consider joining the fight against pancreatic cancer by taking part in Purple Stride this Saturday. Registration is free, but anyone who donates or raises $25 or more gets a Purple Stride t-shirt.

- I love that. And here's a fundraiser close to our hearts at KDKA. It's the annual Recipe for Hope to benefit Hair Peace Charities. Like many other events, it's going virtual this year too. Look for it on Live this Sunday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock with David Highfield as your mix master.

- Oh yeah.

- Oh yeah. Showing how to make Italian cocktails. There he goes. And other top area chefs showing how to make special meals like homemade, is it gnocchi?

- Gnocchi.

- Gnocchi. That's right. I always get that one!

- We had a big discussion about how to pronounce this the other day.

- Look for those details at PittsburghTodayLive.com.

- David showed us a little bit of a preview. We just showed the video there of him making the drinks for this, and I think it's going to be really fun.

- I think so too.

- And just like we were talking at the top of the show about how we're trying to find creative ways to make things work, this is another way. We know that Bonny Diver, and Recipe for Hope is so dear to her. And this is just another way for her to continue that on and bring people in.

- And with David there, he's in his element.

- Mixing drinks? Tom Cruise [? and ?] cocktail.

- That's just a little of what people are talking about, and today's Bird Buzz. Watch for more next week PTL.