Burglars steal safe from Oneonta market

Oct. 26—New York State Police are investigating a burglary that occurred in the early morning hours of Thursday, Oct. 26 at Daddy Al's General Store in Oneonta.

Sandy Morin, manager of Daddy Al's, at 387 Chestnut St., said burglars stole a safe from under the front counter that was bolted down by using tools found in the store.

The burglars left the tools behind and troopers were able to find fingerprints, Morin said.

She said that the safe contained about $1,000 in change and small bills — which is about one day's income at the store.

Morin said troopers told her they estimate the burglary occurred between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. She arrived at 7:30 a.m.

She saw that the front door had been forced open, so she didn't go inside.

State police were dispatched by Otsego County 911 at about 7:44 a.m., according to State Police Troop C Public Information Officer Trooper Aga Dembinska.

Morin said the burglars first attempted to enter the store using a deadbolted door that was blocked by a tall stack of crates, which she found knocked over. They also moved a bench, which was weighed down at the legs by cement blocks.

Daddy Al's started on the Southside in 1997 and moved to its current home on Chestnut Street 10 years later.

The store sells custom-made deli sandwiches, grocery items, homemade goods and bulk spices, mostly from Amish companies.