Burglers hit East German secret police museum in Berlin

A man walks past the documentation centre of the former east Germany's Ministry for State Security, better known by its acronym STASI, in Berlin on November 7, 2006.

Berlin's Stasi Museum, which showcases items of East Germany's hated secret police, was burgled overnight, authorities said Sunday, days after a spectacular heist in Dresden.

The burglars broke in through a window on the first floor, and "smashed several showcases, and stole medals and jewellery", said police in a statement.

They made off with their spoils undetected.

The hour of the raid was unclear but a museum employee found showcases smashed in the exhibition rooms on Sunday morning.

The latest robbery came hot on the heels of a brazen heist at the Green Vault museum in Dresden's Royal Palace on November 25.

Having sparked a partial power cut before breaking in through a window, the thieves stole priceless 18th-century diamond jewellery -- including a famous 49-carat Dresden white -- from the collection of the Saxon ruler August the Strong.

Police are still hunting four suspects, and have offered half a million euros ($550,000) in reward for information leading to an arrest or recovery of the stolen goods.

Fears are growing however that the diamonds will never be recovered.