Buri Ram's meatballs sales rocket 3,333% after BLACKPINK's Lisa said they were her favorite

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Thai street food vendors in Buri Ram station saw a massive influx of customers after BLACKPINK’s Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban revealed one of her favorite foods could only be found there.

Her favorite street food: On theWoody Show for her first Thai TV interview after releasing her solo album on Sept. 11, Lisa, 24, said it has been over a year since she visited her home province of Buri Ram because ofCOVID-19 restrictions,Bangkok Post reported.

  • In the interview, show host Vuthithorn "Woody" Milintachinda asked the Thai-born K-pop star what she would do when she returned home, to which she replied, "pay respect to my grandfather."

  • However, she was immediately surprised when Woody asked her if she missed eating Yuen Kin meatballs, a traditional delicacy popular in the province. “How do you know?” she exclaimed. “They’re really popular. People buy and eat them right away at Buri Ram train station.” Woody then exclaimed, "I know it's your favorite, they don't have it in Korea?" She replied with, "Sadly, no, there isn't anything like that."

  • Lisa then explained that the highlight of the popular street food is the sauce, Thai chili paste, which can only be found in the station. “That place is so good. You can’t find it anywhere else,” she said.

  • Woody shocked Lisa again when he asked her, “Wait, so your favorite sauce is the Thai chili paste?” After the singer confirmed the question, Woody pointed out that the stalls they were referring to in the conversation were the only ones that offer Thai chili paste as a dipping sauce.

More customers: Days after the interview, vendors at Buri Ram station suddenly saw an influx of customers from outside the province placing online orders to try Lisa's favorite food.

  • Arunsri Kamnerdklang, owner of Yai Pha, and Ratchanok Maneewan, owner of Je Nok Kok, told the Bangkok Post that their sales have suffered due to the pandemic. However, Lisa's interview skyrocketed their earnings from a few hundred baht to more than 10,000 baht ($300) a day.

  • The vendors in Buri Ram station are now offering the same Thai chili paste that Lisa and Woody mentioned in the interview. To show their appreciation, Arunsri and Ratchanok said the artist would receive Yuen Kin meatballs and the sauce of her choice when she visited them.

  • A bottle of their famous sauce costs around 60 to 100 baht ($1.81 to $3) while a skewer of the popular freshly fried meatballs with dipping sauce sells for 5 to 10 baht ($0.15 to $0.30).

  • Bordin Ruengsuksriwong, the provincial Tourism Industry Council president, said vendors are entertaining about 2,000 orders per day, a significant increase in their business, even compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic.

New album: Lisa’s interview came days after the singer released the single “Lalisa” from her solo album of the same name and subsequentlybroke Taylor Swift’s YouTube record with more than 73.6 million views on debut. The music video now has over 160 million views as of this writing.

  • Lisa is the third BLACKPINK member to debut a solo album this year, according to Billboard. Rosé, whose real name is Roseanne Park, made her solo debut in March, while Jennie Kim released her solo single “Solo” in 2018.

  • Lalisa” ranked No. 1 on the Gaon Albums chart in South Korea after its release. The achievement was marked as the artist’s first entry into the chart on her own.

Featured Image via BLACKPINK (left), ข่าวช่องวัน (right)


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