Burial sites of ancient Peruvian civilization found

STORY: Location: Ancash, Peru

This burial site belongs to an ancient civilization dating between the 7th and 12th century AD

It was discovered by Polish archaeologists

[Milosz Giersz, Archaeologist]

"We found this unique burial gallery where seven new burials were located, including, in this place, the burial site of an important man found at this site."

The discovery provides evidence that the Wari culture

expanded from the country's south to the north

It also reveals the existence of an elite class of artisans

dedicated to manufacturing pieces of great ornamental value

[Patrycja Przadka-Giersz, Archaeologist]

"The latest find in the Castillo Huarmey tells us a lot about the elites in the Wari period, especially about craftsmanship and the masters of several very narrow specialties, as in this case, the master basket maker who was found with almost all his tools and raw materials that he worked with during his life."

The Wari people made their capital near modern-day Ayacucho