Burlington County Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Center

Dan Koob reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Meantime, Burlington County site reaches a new milestone of shots administered. Eyewitness News reporter Dan Koob is at the Moorestown Mall, where a former department store was transformed into a clinic. Dan, good evening.

DAN KOOB: Ukee, good evening to you. It's a proud moment for this site that continues to try to help on a return to normalcy. Every dose details a different story.

- Once in a while, you'll hear a shout of delight from the vaccinator chair.

DAN KOOB: A potential return with every appointment, the mass vaccination website at the Moorestown Mall in Burlington County moving mountains. Virtua Health says 5,500 are expected to come through Friday, with the average time inside just 30 minutes.

JOHN MATSINGER: I don't think any of us in health care have ever imagined having to do this type of mass vaccination. We did this probably about 11 years ago with H1N1, but it was nowhere to this extent.

DAN KOOB: Friday represented a milestone for the site, 200,000 vaccinations, over 2% of the entire population of New Jersey. Erica Saldana was the recipient of a cake, claps, and number 200,000. A high school Spanish assistant, Saldana says she lost her stepmother to COVID, able to weather the past year with protocols instilled in her own home. She says she kept her two teenage boys safe.

ERICA SALDANA: And as soon as we started getting more information, and we started realizing that our protocols were working for our household, I started feeling a little bit more weight come off our shoulders at that time.

DAN KOOB: Now fully vaccinated, it's a chance to get back to normal, after receiving her second dose of Pfizer.

ERICA SALDANA: This shot actually represents a small bit of freedom. I really love traveling. I love, you know, just exploring our world.

DAN KOOB: The first stop for Erica will be Mexico City. She says she wants to trace her lineage. Dan Koob, CBS3, Eyewitness News. Ukee.

UKEE WASHINGTON: OK, Dan. Thank you.