Bus driver, father of 5 killed in NYC hit-and-run

Police are searching for the driver who struck and killed an off-duty MTA bus operator last Friday.

Video Transcript

- Now at 5:00, a deadly hit and run in Brooklyn. The victim a father of five who had just left his young daughter's birthday party.

- The off-duty MTA driver was crossing the street near his home when a car suddenly hit him. New York cops, tonight, trying to find the driver who stopped near the body before taking off.

- Who would do this? Here's Eyewitness News reporter Kimberly Richardson.

ANDRE ARMSTRONG: To lose your life at the hands of somebody that's callous, it's damning to us.

KIMBERLY RICHARDSON: To everyone here at The Fresh Pond bus depot where they're not just colleagues, they're family. That included Oscar Holford, a bus operator who had been on the job for 14 years until Friday night, when a driver hit the 36-year-old and kept going.

ANDRE ARMSTRONG: Oscar would have never left anyone there. So if you're watching me, let's go. It's time to turn yourself in.

KIMBERLY RICHARDSON: It was Friday night, around 10:15, here in East New York. Oscar's girlfriend. Nyasha, tells me she dropped him at this deli on Pitkin Avenue. Across from his home, she waited in the car. But then sirens and an ambulance. Oscar was rushed to the hospital, but died on Monday.

NYASHA JACKSON: We were building a future together, and it just-- everything is just gone. And it's not right. It's not fair.

KIMBERLY RICHARDSON: Not to Oscar's five daughters he adored so much.

ONIYA HOLFORD: You took our father away. Like, he has children. It's not OK.

KIMBERLY RICHARDSON: Police are looking for the driver who was in a white car heading West on Pitkin.

- Oscar was loved by all that he came in contact with. And he didn't deserve this. He didn't deserve to go out like this. No one does.

KIMBERLY RICHARDSON: Which also sits heavy on everyone's minds back at the bus depot, where Oscar is being remembered as one of the greats.

ANDRE ARMSTRONG: Just to put your foot on the pedal, you would have saved a life.