Bushfires spread to another state in Australia

Bushfires in Australia spread to the state of Victoria on Thursday (November 21), as firefighters continue to battle hundreds of blazes across several states.

Authorities in Victoria issued a Code Red alert, indicating the worst possible bushfire conditions, saying that the fires would be fast moving, unpredictable, and likely uncontrollable.

It's also the first time the state issued such an alert in ten years.

Officials have warned some towns in the state that it was already too late to evacuate, and that their safest option is to take shelter indoors.

Residents of Sydney in the state of New South Wales were urged to keep children indoors.

As pollution from the smoke engulfed the city for the third straight day, at a level five times considered hazardous.

The fires - sparked by high temperatures and strong winds - have burnt through 2.5 million acres of bush and farmland and destroyed more than 400 homes.

They've also claimed the lives of four people in the process.

Years of drought have left bushland susceptible to fire, and have been linked by experts to climate change.

An issue that's put increasing pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison, as the fires continue to burn.