Business aims to normalize conversation about menstrual hygiene

Nickeya Hanna started Perfectly Packaged You with the goal of normalizing conversations with young people about hygiene.

Video Transcript

- What business is working to normalize conversations regarding hygiene. And our Inglewood community journalist Ashley Mackey shows us how.

ASHLEY MACKEY: Hygiene is important, especially in the time of COVID. And that's what a Perfectly Packaged You aims to tackle. Specifically, menstrual hygiene.

NICKEYA HANNA: We deal with hygiene for girls, boys, and now the LGBTQ community. To talk about menstrual hygiene, puberty for young boys, and acceptance across the board.

ASHLEY MACKEY: Nickeya says when she began to go through puberty, she lacked understanding surrounding hygiene and menstruation. And that's how she came up with the idea to start Perfectly Packaged You about five years ago.

NICKEYA HANNA: I wanted to correct and give an opportunity for adults to have comfortable conversations with their young person about hygiene. Specifically, the menstrual period for young girls.

ASHLEY MACKEY: The concept is especially important to Nickeya because when the housing market crashed, she says she lost her job and became homeless.

NICKEYA HANNA: I Had to decide if I was eating, getting deodorant, or putting gas in my car. And if I was looking for work, I needed the gas. And if I'm hungry, I have to eat. So sometimes, my hygiene was compromised. And that just didn't feel well.

ASHLEY MACKEY: Nickeya works with youth, parents, guardians, schools, nonprofits, and government agencies across the country to teach hygiene etiquette to young people, including right here in Inglewood.

RYNA PHILLIPS: She gave us tips on, like, which deodorants to use, that are effective. And how to take care of your-- your body. Like what stuff not to eat to help your pee to balance.

BROOKE JENKINS: I think hygiene is an important topic to discuss because some females, they never-- their parents don't talk to them about it.

TYLER WILLIAMS: They're coming into high school. There's a lot of things changing, you know, structurally, socially, personally. And so I enjoy having them come to our career day every year.

ASHLEY MACKEY: For more information, go to In Inglewood, Ashley Mackey. ABC7 Eyewitness News.