Business owner thwarts burglary

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Nov. 26—A Lewiston artist was nursing a broken hand Thursday, after punching a man in the head "several times" as he attacked her roommate.

Myndie VanHorn, the owner of Art Uncorked in downtown Lewiston, said the incident began Wednesday morning, after her Ring security camera recorded two men taking items out of an unlocked storage area in her Main Street apartment building.

The men were already gone by the time she reviewed the camera video, VanHorn said, but they came back shortly after noon to get more stuff.

"I work about 250 steps from my apartment, so I came home and caught one of the guys in the hallway," she said. "My roommate came to help while I was calling the police. (The suspect) got her down by the neck and was threatening to hurt her if we didn't let him go. I punched him several times in the back of the head and broke my hand."

The man got away, but was picked up by Lewiston police later that evening. The second man was found hiding in the nearby Breier Building.

Lewiston Police Sgt. Brandon Hopple said Jason Bright, 41, was charged with two counts of burglary. Timothy Wilson, 38, also faces two counts of burglary, as well as one count of aggravated assault.

VanHorn said her roommate wasn't seriously injured, although she has some bruises and is a bit traumatized by the incident.

"I'm really glad they caught both of the guys," she said. "I know we all feel a little safer today with them behind bars."

She's also thoroughly pleased with her decision to buy a security camera.

"Best $100 I ever spent," VanHorn said. "Now I know who's outside my door."

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