Businesses Making A Comeback After Massive Fire On South Side

It’s been more than a month since a massive fire destroyed a historic South Side building. KDKA's Hoffman has more on how the businesses are making a comeback.

Video Transcript

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: It's hard to even remember in the shop now, when you look at it like this. It looks like a petting zoo.

- A vacant lot is all that is left of an historic South Side building. It's been more than a month now since that massive fire caused it to come crumbling down. But the businesses inside are making a comeback. Chris Hoffman is live tonight with how they are recovering. Chris?

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Kim, those businesses are trying to work to get back to normal. The Chamber of Commerce, well, they're in this law office as a temporary home. The barbershop that was once here, they're actually moving just down the street. If you can see that downtown, 10th Street Bridge sign there in the storefront, that's actually right next door to it. And the store owner says he wanted to be near his original location.

This is February 8 at the corner of 11th and East Carson.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: But all this is a place where what is, and it's just the location, the memories that were shared here.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: The massive fire causes the home for Jay's Master Barber Shop to come crashing down.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: As soon as that happened, I knew it was over. There's no coming back from that.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Owner Justin Lutheran looked over what is left of the shop now, a vacant lot.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: It's hard to even remember the shop now, when you look at it like this.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Then we took a walk to his new spot, just a stone's throw away near the intersection of East Carson and 10th.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: For us to be able to stay here and kind of have an opportunity to eventually give back to the community that helped us, that means a lot to me.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Within days of that blaze, he decided to make this the home for his shop.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: You can either sit down and cry about it, and it's not going to do anything to fix it, or you could get to work and get it back up and running as fast as possible.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Inside, he and his barbers did an entire flip to get it ready for customers.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: Here is the barber pole. We're going to put it up there so everyone can see and tell it's a barbershop.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: They are waiting on some licenses, but when the day comes to put the open sign back in the window--

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: There's a big sigh of relief. That is everyone getting their jobs back, and the shop's back up and running.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Between now and then, there is some work to be done, but Lutheran is excited to get those customers back in the door.

JUSTIN LUTHERAN: We get a lot of messages, when you guys coming back? Can we see the place? That just makes me happy, just to see that they care as much as we do.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Now, Lutheran hopes to open its doors just before the summertime. As for a possible cause for that devastating fire, we reached out to Pittsburgh Public Safety, and they say one is not-- one has not been given as of yet. Live on the South Side, Chris Hoffman, KDKA News.

- Chris, thanks.