Businesses Thankful For St. Patrick's Day Do-Over

The pandemic shutdown in Minnesota came on a day known for celebrating Irish heritage, Lisa Meadows reports (1:52). WCCO 4 News At 6 - March 16, 2021

Video Transcript

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: The pandemic shutdown in Minnesota came on a day known for celebrating Irish heritage. This year, people are looking for a St. Patrick's Day do-over. Lisa Meadows is in Stillwater at Charlie's Irish Pub where they are getting ready for tomorrow's celebration. Hi, Lisa.

LISA MEADOWS: Hi, Amelia. Yes, we are at Charlie's Irish Pub. People are just finishing up happy hour. But this time last year, this place was closed. And just like all the other Irish pubs, they were missing out on important revenue during their most popular holiday. But this year, they're excited.

They got the green light from the governor to be open at 75% capacity tomorrow. Of course, they have spaced out seating and mask requirements. They're also having less bands. And usually, they take out their bar stools to allow for bigger crowds. They won't this year. But the luck of the Irish was on their side when it came to an expansion just in time for the reopening.

CHUCK DOUGHERTY: We brought in the construction crew and opened up the pub so we now have the full seating, which worked out really well for us once we were able to start opening back up at 50% occupancy and distancing tables because if everybody knows how the pub was before, if we had to distance the tables and occupancy, we'd probably be able to get 10 people in here. So this has been really nice for us.

LISA MEADOWS: Now they also have an outdoor patio option. But of course, outside and inside will close early at 11:00 PM. That being said, they still say they feel lucky to even be open this year. Amelia--

AMELIA SANTANIELLO: I bet. All right, Lisa, thank you. Some popular St. Patrick's Day events will be held online. Log on tomorrow afternoon to watch St. Paul's MASK-arade to see the floats and other special guests. Throughout the day, you can also watch traditional Irish dancing and music from Landmark Center. The city of Minneapolis will hold a reverse parade in person on Saturday. Park along the route, then Irish dancers, bagpipers, and others stopped by the parked vehicles.