Busted pipe ruins Fort Mill High School gym, causing hiccup for fall sports

A busted pipe at Fort Mill High School is causing the district to scramble for other options for some of their sports teams.

The damage has made the gym floor unusable for fall and winter sports.

Water pipe burst in high school gym, ruining floors and making it unusable
Water pipe burst in high school gym, ruining floors and making it unusable

Now, the district is scrambling to find other spaces. But student athletes say they won’t be phased by this setback.

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The captain of the wrestling team said despite the situation, the team is focusing on winning another championship title -- even if they have to win the title elsewhere.

“Going in very motivated like every other year,” Aiden Eubanks said. “Just the same thing -- same goal going to be a state champ.”

Wrestling season just kicked off for Eubanks, but most of his matches will not be inside Fort Mill High’s gym.

“It was just a little hiccup -- we went in, we didn’t think it was as bad as it was going to be,” he said.

On Friday night, a water pipe burst, damaging the floors in the main and auxiliary gyms. They’re the same floors where Eubanks said he’s practiced and won major titles over the last three years.

“So the upper state championship was our Fort Mill High School. We won that,” he said.

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A district spokesperson said neither gym is usable for fall sports. That means at least some of Eubanks’ last season will take place elsewhere. He’s determined not to let that stand in his way.

“Doesn’t matter where we’re practicing,” he said. “We could be practicing in a cornfield. We’re still going to get after it.”

The school is looking at other district facilities and outside venues for practices, games and matches. Eubanks said he’s just glad he still has a season to look forward to.

“Other than us not being able to be in the wrestling room and the gym this season, seems like it’d be pretty normal,” he said.

At this time, there are no canceled games for any of the fall sporting events.

School officials don’t know what caused the pipe to burst, but a spokesperson with the district said they’re working to repair the floors.

Read the full statement from the district below:

“Over the weekend Fort Mill High School experienced a significant flooding from a burst water pipe that caused significant damage to the main and auxiliary gym floors. Our district staff worked quickly to remove the water and ensure school was able to continue this week. Unfortunately the damage to the gym floors rendered the space unusable for classes and fall sports programs. School administrators have worked to identify alternative spaces for classes and the district has worked with the athletic director to identify alternative sites for sports practices and games or matches. At this time there are no cancellations of planned sporting events. Through the use of other district facilities and outside venues we believe we have located space to accommodate practices and games or matches. Repair of the damaged areas has already begun and we hope to complete this process as quickly as possible.”

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