Button headbands for face masks: Where to buy them online

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TheNursesHeadband Hero Headband

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While Canadian authorities are doing everything they can to avoid the spread of COVID-19, Canadians are also making efforts to assist with this by staying home, wearing a mask when visiting public areas, and social distancing from friends and family members that don’t live with them. 

But if you’ve been wearing a mask recently, you’ve probably noticed it can cause ear pain and headaches — especially if you’re a frontline worker who is required to wear a protective mask for many hours a day.

Luckily, social media has been lit up with a solution to the dreaded headaches caused by protective masks: hero headbands (or button headbands). A hero headband, which is basically a headband with buttons for you to attach a mask to instead of putting it over your ears, provides a more comfortable solution to wearing a mask for 12+ hours a day.

Since most frontline workers don’t exactly have time to sit down and craft a headband, some Instagram creatives are even offering to make the headbands free-of-charge for healthcare workers.

Meanwhile, others have been dropping off batches of hero headbands to their local hospitals, thanking staff for their hard work and dedication.

While they’re easy to draft at home, if you’re not much of a DIY-er, Etsy also has a number of hero headbands for sale. If you’re looking to pick one up for a healthcare worker in your life, or yourself, you can shop them below.


HomespunTrades Hero Headband

SHOP IT: Etsy, $18


TheNursesHeadband Hero Headband