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Nov. 5—Don't risk license delays due to technical difficulties or long lines at your local retailer. Plan to buy your deer hunting license early. If you want to buy online, check to make sure you can log into your Access Indiana account. If your email changed since the last time you logged into your online account, you may need to set up a new Access Indiana account with the new email address by contacting DNR at to help remove the link from the old email.

Interested in harvesting multiple deer or hunting across multiple seasons? Consider buying a deer license bundle, which allows you to harvest up to three deer (only one may be antlered) during archery, firearms, and muzzleloader seasons. Note season bag limits apply, and there are restrictions on taking bonus antlerless deer on some DNR properties.

Find more information about deer licenses, seasons, and regulations on our website. Remember, the resident youth consolidated hunt/trap license includes all deer hunting privileges. Always check your license for accuracy before your hunt.

Need Hunting Answers Or A New License?

For questions about equipment, regulations, or which license you need, use our Indiana Deer Hotline by emailing or calling 812-334-3795, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

For questions related to the CheckIN Game system, your online license system account, license-purchasing errors, or deer control permits, email or call 317-232-4082.

To report hunting violations or trespassing, locate your law enforcement district or contact Central Dispatch at or 812-837-9536.

To report a poacher, call 1-800-TIP-IDNR or use this form:

Remember to buy your deer license early. Find a list of license retailers online at: and be sure to check your license for accuracy before you leave the store. If you plan to purchase your license online, log into your Access Indiana account before the season begins—don't risk delays!

Lost Your Hunter Education Card?

If you lost your hunter education card, you can order a replacement online at:

Be sure to enter your hunter education card into your online account before purchasing a license or give it to the retailer when you purchase your license at a store.

Want to take a hunter education class? Check out our website at:

Firearms Hunting Safety Tips

As firearms season approaches, it's important to be aware of key safety measures. Keep your firearm unloaded until you are settled into your tree stand or hunting blind. Never climb a fence or cross a creek with a loaded firearm. A simple misstep could cause a fall or an accidental discharge of your firearm, putting yourself and your hunting partners at risk of injury or even death.

Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Remember to make sure your firearm is pointed in the opposite direction of your hunting partners as you walk to your hunting spot. Practice muzzle control, even when you know the firearm is not loaded.

Keep your finger off the trigger. Outside of the trigger, guard your firearm until you are ready to shoot at your intended target.

Always identify your target and what lies beyond your target before pulling the trigger. Know for certain any noise you hear in the bushes is a deer and not your hunting partner walking toward you.

Be safe this season.

Checking Your Sights

Don't head to the stand without checking your sights! Making sure your gun or bow is shooting accurately is an important part of the hunting process. Not only does it help make the equipment safer to use, but it can also save you ammunition in the field.

Shooting ranges for both archery and firearms can be found across the state, and many of our Fish & Wildlife areas (FWAs) offer services for both. Prep for hunting the right way at an FWA—find a shooting range near you.

Test Deer For Chronic Wasting Disease

Hunters may bring their deer to select Fish & Wildlife areas (FWAs) and State Fish Hatcheries (SFHs) throughout hunting season. Deer heads may be dropped into designated coolers at select FWAs and SFHs, or hunters can make an appointment for their deer to be sampled by a biologist during office hours. The 2022-2023 sampling locations and their hours of operation are listed on our website at:

Hunters who submit a deer for CWD testing will receive a metal tag reminiscent of Indiana's historical deer harvest confirmation process.

Can't make it to an FWA or SFH? Hunters may also independently submit their deer for testing to Purdue Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (ADDL) for a fee. Hunters should complete the submission form and follow the shipping instructions on Purdue ADDL's website.

November Hunting & Trapping Seasons Hunting

Deer Firearms: Nov. 12 —Nov. 27

Dove: Nov. 1 —Nov. 27

Pheasant (Cock only): Nov. 1 —Dec.15

Rabbit: Nov. 1 —Feb. 28, 2023

Raccoon, Opossum: Nov. 8 —Jan. 31, 2023


—(north of Interstate 74): Nov. 1 —Dec. 15

—(south of Interstate 74): Nov. 1 —Jan. 10, 2023

Canada Geese:

—North Zone: Nov. 19 —Feb. 12, 2023

—Central Zone: Open until Nov. 6, reopens Nov. 19 —Feb. 12, 2023

—South Zone: Nov. 5 —20, Nov. 26 —Feb. 12, 2023


—North Zone: Open until Dec. 11

—Central Zone: Open until Nov. 6, reopens Nov. 19 —Jan. 8, 2023

—South Zone: Nov. 5 —6, Nov. 26 —Jan. 22, 2023


Beaver: Nov. 15 —March 15, 2023

Mink, Muskrat, Weasel: Nov. 15 —Jan. 31, 2023

Raccoon, Opossum: Nov. 8 —Jan. 31, 2023

River Otter: Nov. 15 —March 15, 2023

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