You Can Buy A Massive 3-Pound Pizza Covered In Fried Chicken At Sam’s Club

Courtney Iseman
Photo credit: Sam's Club

From Delish

If you are creatively blocked on what snack to pair with your next rendez-vous with ESPN and your couch—or for any other occasion, really—Sam’s Club would like to present a whopping three-pound pizza that is covered in breaded chicken bites. TBH, we will be shocked if it is not this pizza that wins this year’s MVP award.

First reported on by Chew Boom, the Member’s Mark Chicken Bite Pizza is topped with a cheesy sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese (that’s triple the cheese action, if you’re keeping score), and “homestyle breaded white meat chicken bites.”

It’s a 14-inch square take-and-bake situation that feeds 10 (or less, because what you do in your own home is your business). It costs $9.98, which is a pretty great deal, especially if you are in fact splitting it ten ways. We can’t think of many other pizzas topped with something as premium as chicken bites that you can get for less than a buck per slice. All you have to do is bake this bad boy directly on the rack in your oven for 15 minutes at 375°F and, voila, there’s your Sunday.

This doozy of a pizza may be one of the greatest creations to hit Sam’s Club’s own house brand. It combines the two most classic snacks for game days and friend hangs and TV binges alike: pizza and fried chicken. There are 390 calories in each of the 10 slices, but calories don’t count when you’re cheering for your favorite team/watching Succession/catching up with your friends/spending quality time with your dog/eating pizza in your bathtub while the kids redecorate the house.

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