'Bye, Corona!' See the Knack's official coronavirus-themed 'My Sharona' parody

Gina Vivinetto

Fans have created countless online videos showing them tweaking the lyrics of the 1979 hit "My Sharona" to "My Corona" in an effort to enjoy a little levity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the Knack, the band that wrote the catchy New Wave tune, is back with its official COVID-19-themed parody called "Bye, Corona!"

Guitarist Berton Averre introduced the new anti-virus anthem in a YouTube video, joking that he wanted to record his own parody version “because apparently, there aren’t enough of them."

Sadly, the group’s singer, Doug Fieger, died in 2010, so Averre was forced to get creative. He decided to start by demonstrating how to play the original song's iconic guitar solo. As he wails through the lengthy solo, a ticker filled with coronavirus health and cleanliness tips streams below him. He even pauses briefly to disinfect the fretboard of his guitar.

Before long, the group's bass player, Prescott Niles, shows up via video — the musicians are both wisely self-isolating — to join his bandmate in singing, “Bye, Corona!” during the song's chorus.

After their final "Bye, Corona!" Averre tells the virus, "Get the hell outta here."

Watch The Knack perform "Bye, Corona" in the video above!