Bystanders testify in Derek Chauvin trial

Witnesses testified Tuesday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Most witnesses said that they grew increasingly angry as they begged Chauvin to take his knee off George Floyd’s neck. (March 30)

Video Transcript

MATTHEW FRANK: The paramedics loaded Mr. Floyd into the ambulance. Were you still there at the scene?

DONALD WILLIAMS: That's correct.

MATTHEW FRANK: All right. At some point, did you make a 911 call?

DONALD WILLIAMS: That is correct, I did call the police on the police.

MATTHEW FRANK: And why did you do that?

DONALD WILLIAMS: Because I believe I witnessed a murder.

DARNELLA FRAZIER: Officer Thao and Chauvin. I don't-- he put his hand on his mace. They put their hand on their mace. I can't remember if they actually pointed it at us, but they definitely put their hand on the mace, and we all backed back.

JERRY BLACKWELL: Did you feel threatened by the police officers?


JERRY BLACKWELL: Did you feel threatened by Mr. Chauvin?


ERIN ELDRIDGE: Someone said "he hasn't moved," and then I-- and then "in over a minute." Was that your voice, too?


ERIN ELDRIDGE: Why was that important for you, in terms of saying over a minute? Were you worried about the length of time that this was going on?

ALYSSA FUNARI: Yes, because I knew time was running out, or that it had already.

ERIN ELDRIDGE: What do you mean by time was running out?

ALYSSA FUNARI: That he was going to die.