BYU fans tweet thoughts during team’s last game before Notre Dame

With BYU ranked and Notre Dame not, the Cougars should be the favorites for the Shamrock Series game in Las Vegas, right? Well, Cougars fans are starting to have doubts after their team had to battle to beat struggling Utah State, 38-26, at home Thursday night. Sure, they’ll take a 4-1 record as fans of any team would. However, more than a few are pessimistic about their team’s chances against the Irish if it plays like it did against the Aggies.

Though the Cougars never trailed after the second quarter, they didn’t hold a double-digit lead until the third. Unimpressive play was enough for fans to take to Twitter and say their team is in big trouble when it faces the Irish. Then again, the Irish haven’t exactly done a lot to convince people that they can just walk into any game and turn it into a romp. Nevertheless, Cougars fans are worried, and here are a few of them saying such:

Donald Lee

Zach Jensen

Terrell Williams

Dustin Simmons

Andrew Miller

Zane Rigby

Ryan Hancock

Jeremy Bikman

Andrew Eide

Auliver Olsen

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire