C5 Corvette Hits Memphis House

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And you thought only Mustangs did this sort of thing…

On the afternoon of October 12, a C5 Corvette slammed into a home in Memphis, Tennessee, shocking the neighborhood. The house, which sits on the corner of a residential intersection, sustained damage at the front corner and down the side, with a window appearing to have been shattered. As for the ‘Vette, photos of the wreck don’t show the front end, but we imagine it’s likely totaled.

Even better, a Tesla crash spewed batteries into homes here.

This is yet another reminder that life comes at you fast, so it’s best to always maintain control of your car at all times. The local report didn’t indicate what precipitated this accident, but we know from experience an enjoyable drive in your beloved car can take a turn for the worse quite suddenly.

Certain car blogs out there have really pushed the false narrative that only Mustangs wreck out when leaving car meets and that only Mustangs ruthlessly plow into houses, but as this story shows that’s clearly a false narrative. Sure, we’ve covered Mustangs doing those things, but we’ve also covered Chevrolets and Mopars doing the exact same things. Sometimes it’s just that people can’t handle a lot of power in a rear-wheel-drive performance car. Also, people today fiddle with their phones while they’re driving, like a true idiot.

It’s possible the C5 Corvette driver suffered a medical episode, so we’re not saying in this instance the accident was caused by distracted or reckless driving. According to the report, nobody was injured and that’s what matters most. There are plenty of C5s out there, so either fixing or replacing this car shouldn’t be a problem. The damage to the house doesn’t appear to be severe, so it should be repaired in due time. Yes, the family who lives there is going to have to deal with that and it’s not fair, but that’s life and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.

Source and photos credit: Action News 5

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