CA Lawmakers Head To Hawaii Despite Coronavirus Travel Advisory

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CALIFORNIA — An alarming surge in COVID-19 cases prompted California officials to issue a travel advisory last week. Still, some California legislators along with other states are planning to head to Maui this week for an annual conference, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The conference was set to gather at least 50 people, with more than half a dozen lawmakers coming from California. The event is sponsored by a nonprofit, the Independent Voter Project, and will be held at the Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel in Wailea, the LA Times Reported. Travel expenses will be paid by the host, the Times reported.

In the past, the event has gathered up to 25 California legislators. The gathering, according to the LA Times, has been scrutinized since it is partially funded and attended by parties of special interest including businesses and labor groups.

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For this particular event, lawmakers are facing criticism for their decision to attend the event in the midst of a major spike in COVID-19 cases and just after the state urged its residents to stay local.

"Every age group, every demographic, racial, ethnic, in every part of the state we are seeing case rates increase," Newsom said Monday. "We are seeing community spread broadly now throughout the state of California."

This article originally appeared on the Across California Patch

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